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  • understandyourgame understandyourgame Apr 4, 2014 11:54 AM Flag

    Here is a major issue with ACRX

    When one considers FDA approval we look at the data, looks good right. True enough. However the risk is actually doubled. We not only have to consider opiod pain reliever new to market. That has some risk in
    approval but what about the device? Do we know that the device will be approved. Is it tested fully enough to guarantee approval? That additional risk is there and should not be looked down upon. Know your game.

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    • You obviously saw something others didn't.

    • nice call.

    • "know your game" When I first invested in this company about a year and a half ago I spent many hours investigating each company employee. What college the went to, are they married/divorced , what was the first job they had and all employment there after until arriving at ACRX. Next I investigated any and all white papers pro and con published by medical journals, universities and the company its self. Finally I studied the disruption/sabotage factor. Sabotage was a big factor and I'll tell you why. Pain medication is as big as say something like Chevron oil or alcohol sales world wide. Opiate pain medication has been in place for over a 100 years or lets say a 1000 years more accurately. Its embedded, so If ACRX has something which can disrupt this pattern and at the same time is for the good of the people in the addictive/misuse factor then all the opiate drug sales companies have something to worry about. What can they do ? Lobby, misinformation, negative add campaign etc.
      So, long story short, "know your game" …! Sold some bought more made money on and on. With FDA approval this is a 20-30 dollar company by Christmas. Again, look carefully at the company employees and their track records, credentials and life histories. You will then have a clearer picture of the near term as well as long term outcome. The drug speaks for its self.
      I am confident ACRX will move forward. I am holding my 11,000 share position until they are bought or have deployed product. I made significant profits on CPHD and CLDX in both instances I was in at the bottom (high risk/reward). In the case of ACRX my cost basis is between $3.25 and $7 bucks so I'm doing just fine through the ups and downs. CLDX I was $2-$3 bucks and sold at $25-$30 that took about three years and I had a ton a shares. CPHD the big haul back during 911….. SO, yes, know your game…..! p.s. I've made some bad ones too but I have become much more calculated and do much more DD then the average investor..

    • Lets look at the current medication and systems currently in use and what they are being compared to. We know that current devises have dosing errors which include misprograming of infusion pumps leading to serious opioid overdoses. Several manufacturers' PCA pumps have unsafe default settings; for example, one pump defaults to a 0.1mg/mL setting, which has been misread as 1mg/mL during programming for a morphine infusion. In the hospital setting, Narcotic accidents are among the most frequent of all serious incidents reported. There are common mix-ups between hydromorphone and morphine; most often they are related to the look-alike product names and some practitioners' misconception that hydromorphone is the generic name for morphine. Hydromporphone is approximately five times more potent than morphine. Opioids are often stored side by side in secured cabinets or drawers. This contributes to selection of the wrong medication, as have the look-alike syringes, vials, and minibags of various opioids. Often there are miscommunication of drugs and concentration errors leading to serious errors and fatalities. For example, extended -release and immediate-release morphine products have been confused. Human error will always happen but simplification and consolidation gives ACRX the advantage.

    • That is what the clinical trials are for..........Know your game!

    • You want cheaper shares, patchen.

    • The risk doubled? You think the device carries the same risk as the drug that patients and nurses have greatly praised? The device? I understand what you are saying and that it does add an element for people to think about, but the device is not that complicated. It has been used in the trials, also, so it is not like it has been untested.

    • wasting your time 'ubderstandyourgame?, Folks here way smarter than you,

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Oh I never thought of that. Better sell out today. Geez thanks. I think I understand your game now.

    • what are you talking about? you are making no sense - go and read the studies before speaking out of your neck.

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