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  • jadeforever007 jadeforever007 Nov 13, 2009 12:04 AM Flag

    LFBG on TV again!

    TBN is advertising the game daily, for a donation of 20 dollars, offer 213, by mail...u will receive the game.
    great coverage! Just viewed the game @ 12mid.on TBN.

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    • Report me... Jade, don't be ridiculous. I've broken no rules of the board. Rather, it is you who have repeatedly broken rules with name calling and passive-aggressive threats. Your condescension does not go unnoticed. To suggest that I am a "demon" that needs to be cast out indicates that perhaps you need to look at your own level of spiritual maturity. If you can't handle an honest discussion that is challenging for you, then don't engage. Stooping to name calling does you no service.

    • "Mocking bird", "unclean spirit"... Jade, your condescension is not excused by your religious orientation. Rather, it would seem that your religious affiliation as Christian would deny the legitimacy of your condescension. You feign wanting a higher dialogue about LFBG, but your repeated negative comments about me and my posts belie your own "unclean spirits". As the saying goes... remove the plank from your own eye...

    • I think u need a psyc. eval! The Issac Newton message was not from me,
      I just responded by ur constant debating, or irrational comments here, & asked u to stop, I even thanked u for your insight about LFBG,
      now look at ur response,
      Of course anyone after all u have written on this board about ur beliefs, would think the same, jump off or get on a manner of speech! Even if I told u to jump off a building,would u be that dumb to jump???? U have been debating faith, & facts, is why the other investor brought up a fact, the law of gravity, get it????? knowing you, u probably have wings & wouldn't be effected!
      Please stop this, or I will report u, I was nice about ur debates, I am sure if u were attacking a man on board, they would not be as polite as I,
      When jesus cast out Demons,
      HE had only 2 words to say...
      GET OUT!!!

    • No Jade. It was an un-Christian, not-so-veiled, passive-aggressive attack. Own that, or you're just another fundy hippocrite.

    • Taukut....Thanks for ur insight into LFBG, my statement about jumping off a building, was about fact, Newtons law of gravity,but in the natural, after all of these debates,.... was wishful thinking!
      Lets talk about LFBG from now on, I am concerned with this stock,
      again thanks for the reply about LFBG.

    • You claim to not want to "debate" but your presentation is contrary to this. When you make claims about the singular superiority of your religion, make inaccurate assumptions about my own, make incorrect statements about not just your own religious tradition but also the assumptions about my practice, make disrespectful assertions about my character based on those assumptions, and finally make not-so-veiled black magickal wishes to see my walk off a building... When you do these things you would be foolish to think that you will not incite argument and more forceful engagement.
      On the issue of news... Seems like it could be good if LFBG was bought out or bought someone out. My concern is that the last two news items seem contradictory to each other. The first release said that Lenox was retained to help LFBG find possible candidates for them to buyout. The most recent said that Lenox was hired to find candidates to buy LFBG out. Additionally, it referred back to the 11/2 release and inaccurately interpreted it.
      I don't know yet.
      I am still waiting for WMT news. But, it does seem that either this, or buyout in either direction could kick us up to .1 in a days' time.

    • Webfoot...In the beginning:
      I posted, we need to keep religion out of this, & focus on the stock.
      I agree...
      & am trying to ignore the religious debates, that I never started, but we have a mocking bird on board, that can't stop debating & distracting us.I won't bow down to unclean spirits.The next time I see any good news, I am not posting it, so the debating will stop.
      We need to focus on what this Co's intent is, at this point, I don't care what religion Troy, or anyone else is, I am trying to make a profit, or at least break even with this stock.
      Have a nice weekend, wish all of u the best!

    • Jade I agree this is a business investment for me also. I can't understand why with all the positives going on for this company there is so much non related and petty bickering on this board. There is an awful lot of potential upside here that is being ignored it seems to me.

    • Taurat: I was not addressing ur religious points of view....I am not debating anything with u, all I was trying to do was encourage the board here about the TV commercials on what r u debating, don't u have anything else to do? I have many investments I have to watch daily, not just LFBG, & i do not have any time for these debates, u might have the last word, but GOD will have the last laugh,
      so lets drop it!
      What do u think about the most recent news? I see no comments from u on the most important issues now?

    • Well, you can ask... but, that doesn't mean you get the last word. If you don't want a debate then drop your debating style. I for one don't mind, so...
      My comments are not "pagan". They are founded in the scriptural traditions of the religions about which I speak.
      This includes your own. Christianity has a rich and very accessible textual tradition that can be accessed by anyone with their own initiative to research their own "faith". Faith, for example, necessitates doubt in the Christian tradition. Many confuse this tenet with belief, which is trust in what is assumed to be fact.
      We can have faith. But, we are not truly faithful if we cannot accept challenges to that faith. Inability to accept challenge to faith is simply fear. Indeed, it reflects a lack of faith. It reveals merely ill-informed and poorly educated belief.

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