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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Jun 25, 2013 12:20 PM Flag

    Sounds too good

    Look at their website and checked out Feldetrex. First insiders were buying this stock at a nickel. Difficult to verify any of the stuff the CEO was stating. They have some wild claims on what they think they can do. Feldetrex is not in any clinical study I can find. Went to and plugged the name in.

    Interesting how the insiders bought over 3M shares for a .05 a piece and now the same fokes are curing everything. I'm not saying, do not invest, but would like to see some validation. Today the insiders could sell the 3M shares that they invested $75K, for $3.3M.

    I'd be careful. Specially if they start issuing PR after PR. This is interesting, but that's how they hook you. CEO gives three videos on website, he's wearing a tee shirt and sports jacket. I would like to see them explain the drug better. But that's just me.

    Do some research. Big claims and no supporting evidence. I'm not here to bash, saw the same pr you did and I got curious. GL to all.

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    • I couldn't even find out the size of the float.
      Check out the company profile and you'll see they have no employees.

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      • 15M shares outstanding. They diluted 3M since March of last year. They state they have $173K in cash, but liabilities greater than that. They expensed $3M this past year. If you go to OTC quotes and investor information, you can look at their financials.

        They continue to dilute and one insider sold a small amount of shares recently. Still looks to good to be real. Feel sorry for the investor who paid $1.63 yesterday for shares. All the claims scares me the most.

    • Still doing some DD. UTEP stuff looks real. I actually e-mailed the company with a link to a company that may help them filter out the antogens. Would like to read the doctrine that this is based on. They are going after Proof of Concept. Find a partner with deep pockets.

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      • I doubt if the insiders are dumb enough to have every watching law firm ready to pounce on them if the posted info were false. Insiders probably got shares for their services instead of much needed cash. One director bought one and a half million shares and did not sell a single one. Sure this one is risky and it will be a long time to a phase three but if it does what they think it will some will get wealthy, very wealthy.

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