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  • mickey85606 mickey85606 Nov 14, 2013 3:45 PM Flag

    How Many Accountants does it take to confuse "All the Shareholders"

    For TALN the # is 3
    Mark's is on the BOD
    Lonnie is the CEO and CPA
    and Whats his name is the comptroller!
    All 3 can do my Taxes.They are that Good!

    To get to the point
    Rev was good and will continue to get better.
    Do wish they had avged and given 15 mill for 2nd and 3rd qtr.
    EPS was figured in so many different ways it made me DIZZY
    Bottom line is we paid our bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My projections of the stock price (.52) are based on the lowside of the various EPS.
    On the topside of their various calculations
    OH MY !!
    Please correct me if I am wrong
    If we are a utility company the stock should be around .90
    If Tekfit is real and we are a Technology co
    Then a 20 multiple is not out of the ?
    Based on only .10 EPS over the next yr
    OH MY!!!!

    Glad I avg up at .28-.32

    Now for the NEG
    Who is going to fight for PR between now and April
    Larry Dyne?
    I have met him
    The Boy can sell,I will give him that.
    But in a fight against Accountants for a PR
    The Kid could not fight his way out of a wet paperbag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Our only hope is Mark(Dyne) if we start getting Tekfit contracts.
    He is the owner/Controller of most of the Shares Outstanding.
    He has a lot of $$
    and Knows how to make more.
    I think he really likes making $$$

    Lets hope he can continue
    and convert all the Accountants to the darkside-or to follow the Light
    Depending on your view

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    • peter_norths_proctologist peter_norths_proctologist Nov 14, 2013 7:32 PM Flag

      This quarter was good. The core business looks solid. If Tekfit ever takes off, this stock has multiple upside. But they've been trying to land a big contract forever it seems. Would Levis take them on again after they dropped them over patent uncertainty? I don't know.

      You say: Who is going to fight for PR between now and April?

      PR? -- as in public relations?

      • 1 Reply to peter_norths_proctologist
      • Press release and AKA public relations.
        As for Levi.
        Now if they landed a big fish( I.E Levi)
        We will not have a PR until the earning and probably only on the CC.
        Levi as an example
        Will NOT let their name be mentioned in a PR.
        We would only see them as a list of clients.

        Now as a study of human nature/Equine studies/Bovine tendencies
        Lonnie never mentions anything,unless it's in his back pocket.!!!!!!!!!!!

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