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  • halfaleague halfaleague Sep 24, 2004 6:57 PM Flag

    The election is over Bush wins big

    No matter what vapes says he represents the idiot vote, To be aassured John Kerry will gardner that vote .
    He represents those that sold the atomic bomb secrets to the the russians.
    He voted against Ronald Regan,
    He is anti gun possesion and if anyone broke into his house and murdered his family for dope money, he would blame the police for lack of protection.
    He is encouraging terrorist to defeat Bush politically.John Kerry will say anything and do anything to be elected president.
    There were other democratic candidates that did not win the nomination because they were true american that would not lie to bcome president, which in a sense makes them true presidential candidates.
    We had 50, 0000 casualties in Vietnam .There are many atrocities committed in war namely The fire bombing of Hamburg in world war two resulting in 50,0000 thousands deaths.
    So be it.
    These boys in the field are our children and grand children protecting your ass .Too bad some one doesn't knock your teeth out.
    EX 1945 sailor halfaleague


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    • I vote for Reagan but no way I'm I voting for Bush !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is taking the beautiful USA into BANKRUPTCY !!!!
      Just like he did with two companies that he ran $$$$$$$$$$$$ There are only two times he has made a profit was on the Texas Rangers
      and this WAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Would you be willing to die for the Iraqi people's freedom? Would George Bush have taken the USA into war in Iraq if he new someone he loved would die or he, himself, would die? These are the type of questions a president should ask himself before sending our solders into harms way. BTW, I am neither Republican nor Democrat.

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      • Your question is a fair one and deserves an answer.
        We are fighting in Iraqi to preserve our freedom and way of life.
        The danger we face today is equal to the threat of an atomic bomb or bio chemical warfare where the losses of human life would be catastrophic
        The modern world is venturing into space and humans may land on Mars while on this planet we have people tying bombs to their body and threating Goverments and civilization with their demands.
        We must win in Iraq and turn that country into a democracy which always wins in the end because of the ecomomic advantages to the individual.
        If we do not succeed we face the possibility { far fetched as it may seem} of genocide.
        We must destroy the middle east before they destroy us.
        Since 9\11 we have found it is not just a few nuts but a formidable foe organized and well financed.
        Ronald Reagan met the Soviet challenge head on, and contrary too many current opinions this is a far greater threat.
        So to answer your question, Yes I would give my life if need be to win in Iraq.We have no choice.
        The price of Liberty is high,if I may remind you our Founding Fathers pledged " Their Lives, Their Fortunes and Their sacred Honor"
        and many did just that. halfaleague


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