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  • yahoo yahoo May 2, 2005 1:16 PM Flag

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    • integralaction,

      "To be truthful, I think you are one of those closet bashers who like to bring up feelings of insecurity."

      It seems to me that if you look inward, it may be that you find the one who is insecure. I link for your convenience....

      You posted quite a long post warning against those whom you profess to balance the discussion. Why is that?

      "There seems to be a class of basher on the board these days that does nothing more than ask innocuous questions. Except every question appears designed to plant additonal seeds of doubt.

      "What are our chances of dropping 10 points, being appealed? I'm nervous what should I do? etc." These are the headlines that are repeated with our answers both long and short.

      Some may be real, nervous investors. But it seems suspicious to me that all these new ids show up, ask such questions and quietly disappear again. I've seen similar behavior before and it seems to me that it is something that is attempted when all other means of bashing have been used up. It makes me believe that the end of the current short attack may be near.


      After reading your own post...Who is more or you?

      "At any rate I also wish you luck with your investments or ongoing basher paycheck."

      Is it just me or are you really that suspicious of everyone? When the football players go into a huddle on TV, do you think that they are talking about you? LOL

      Not everyone is out to take your stock away from you. Some may not even care you have any. But you just go on believing that you are holding gold that others are trying to steal. Me?...I'll just go into the open market and buy mine when I want more. No need to worry...I'm not going to steal it right out of your hands.

      Good Investing, Ken

    • Well that could work too lol. Not my advice for a beginner, but I suspect this "beginner" of being one of the subtle bashers I just posted about.


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      • integralaction,

        Shouldn't you have the same equally passionate concern for the kind of person that seems to be the opposite of your "subtle basher"? One who might say the following:

        "sell some other assets or buy all the Rambus stock you can on margin and look forward to retire in 3 or 4 years..And yes, hang on.."

        Your long biases shows through. You seem to have a far greater tolerance for someone who demonstates the same kind of implied lack of fair play that irritates you of the bashers....only others might call this type of person, a hyper. When someone comes in and hypes a stock like profiller did, the strongest thing that you have to say is "Well that could work too lol".

        Maybe protecting your own long position in Rambus is your primary motivation when someone else posts and that "fair play" is not really as important to you as you seem to want us to could care long as they don't bash the stock in which you have a long position.

        Bash...Not Ok?

        BTW, I appreciate bashers. They help to keep any irrational investing tendencies (like what profiler seems to be afflicted with) in check.

        And before you deem me as a basher...I am long...way long.

        Good Investing, Ken

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