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  • noelco_4_me noelco_4_me Feb 28, 2004 5:51 PM Flag

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    It's good to know that you not only tolerate hyping, but you are actually one who admits to hyping. Too bad you feel compelled to feel it necessary to warn others about hypers when you consider them, as I do, a balance.

    What is there about balance in posting that scares you so? Do you find it necessary to "protect your long position in Rambus" against bashers? I would think that the merits of the company you invest in should far and away outweigh anything negative said on a Yahoo board. But may not be as secure in the company and its product as I am, and feel it necessary to "protect your long position" by refuting bashers. LOL

    Good Investing, Ken

    Good Investing, Ken

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    • So your argument would indicate that you think the taking extreme positions balancing, but the warnings about extreme positions to be something to be rued as "Too bad..." Don't you get it? It is all balancing and just our opinions. To be truthful, I think you are one of those closet bashers who like to bring up feelings of insecurity. I wonder why else you would care about my motivations. At any rate I also wish you luck with your investments or ongoing basher paycheck.


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