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  • yahoo yahoo May 2, 2005 1:20 PM Flag

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    • moron,

      OK fair enough. I will not continue to participate in your abuse of this boards time.

      Here is my opinion of RMBS as of Friday's close.

      I targeted the 25 to 26 area as a low just after I sold at just under 32. This is exactly as I posted on at least two previous occations to bam (his memory is a little suspect to say the least). On Thursday the 11 th of March, RMBS was within pennies of hitting my upper target price of 26. This is acceptable to me as "having reached my target of 25 to 26". I wonder how many of bams targets are met so accurately and quickly...LOL

      That target price having been acceptably reached, the next thing that I wait for is a buy signal. That signal comes in the form of a combination of technical indicators. For RMBS, I rely on the fast stochastics indicting a bottoming at a similar point of the last few turns. It has done so. Next I wait until the MACD appears to be bottoming. If you know how to understand charts, it is bottoming. Next, and this is my trigger point, the MACD must begin its move up. At that point, if most other indicators are favorably positioned (ie oversold or at normally low points for that indicator) then I usually buy half of my intended position. We are there. I expect that I will be half in on Monday. If the stock opens substantially lower, I will put my order in about 1/2 hour after the opening. This 1/2 hour is historically for RMBS when most of the days total point move is accomplished.

      Over the course of the next two weeks, either the stock will trade down to 26 (at which time, I will commit the last 1/2 of my intended position) or the stock will move up from here. If it simply moves up without going down to the target of 25 to 26, I will ride with only 1/2 of my ultimate intended position. I am not a pig. 1/2 of a good deal is still a good deal.

      I do not expect much movement either up or down over the next couple of weeks. It is a time for picking spots to buy. The same thing that I did the last go around. I was in for about 4 or 5 weeks before I cashed out at about 32.

      I will let you know within a couple of hours if my buy is executed on Monday. I DO have a regular job which I intend to keep for a while anyway. I do not abase myself as some here do by posting that they are unemployed (or do they really mean unemployable) LOL I haven't quite figured out why some people are more proud to be unemployed rather than employed. I rather enjoy my job. I guess whatever it is that they are "life-skilled" to do, isn't really that interesting.

      I hope this helps to satify your unusual curiosity about the activities of my day-to-day life. If I were to post any more information, you would know more than my wife cares to know about my trading.

      I usually take time out for lunch at 12 Noon EST. If not in meetings or otherwise occupied, I will post my buy or otherwise should my trade not be executed.

      Good Investing, Ken

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