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  • yahoo yahoo May 2, 2005 1:20 PM Flag

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    • "well noel that is a start, however still would be better to have them reported timely if you wanted to proove (sic) your point."

      I am not attempting to prove anything to anyone, it is you who is doing your best to prove something to this board...aren't you?

      "that being said, there have been many opportunities today and in the last few days to get in lower. ???"

      If you knew anything at all about Technical Analysis, (and it is clear from that question/statement that you don't), you would know that buy signals are not given until after turnarounds begin. By definition, that would mean that the buy signal is not given until a move to higher prices has happened. I do not normally catch the exact I doubt that you do either. You seem to have great difficulty grasping the concept of time lines. You want me to report a trade before it happens, but are upset unless I wait until after it happens...and you remain upset if I wait three seconds or longer to do this....Are your lids screwed on tight enough?

      However, as I said, I am not a pig and I am quite content to catch the major portion of the moves in between the high and the low.

      BTW, did you buy in all those golden opportunities to buy over "the last few days"? If you did, at what price...if you didn't why did you wait?

      LOL...yeah, like I'm going to hold my breath for an answer from you.

      Good Investing, Ken

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