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  • fearthisiscracked fearthisiscracked Jun 11, 2004 1:36 PM Flag

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    "no -- my point is that anyone-- dem or repub following a two term president will have a hard time being successful. I am a bush guy but when he gets re-elected, the last two years of that term will be a free for all, just like willies pardon parade he put on for all his friends that needed help"

    I agree. I was just pointing out the fact that Watz can't remove the old blinders when it comes to Bush and Clinton. Everything Clinton did was good. The guy is a saint and worthy of our respect as the master of spin and economic good times. Bush is a baby killer and is responsible for every evil known to man. Watz is blinded by his love of the spin doctor and falls for every line the media throws out that Bush is stupid and evil. That's what happens when you sit home and watch Oprah all day. After a few days you think the Republicans are bent on the destruction of mankind and the Democrats are there to protect the homeless, ethnic, mentally challenged, economically challenged, masses (unless you are still in the womb- then you are DOA unless planned parenthood thinks you are convenient)

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