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  • krf28472 krf28472 Jun 1, 2005 12:42 PM Flag

    FTC Micron Hynix Bathroom meeting

    Holy crap guys we got kicked right in the balls by those folks at the Supreme Court! Damn Anderson! Damn that Rehnquist old fart. Can you belive what he wrote about document destruction and anticipation of litgation? Can you believe he used the son and mother comparison? Who is he kidding? Why didn't he just write a comparison of Panky and Buckwheat!

    Micron: Well our tails are grass now! I have been counting on you guys at the FTC to stick it to Rambus. FTC CC: Let me make a phone calls to a couple of the Commissioners. Micron: I have promised all of them a very lucrative job offering in our head legal law firm after they stick it to Rambus. We took care of Shawn didn't we. Look at the nice job he has! He bounced from Gibson to the FTC then from the FTC right back to Gibson. What a great move.

    Hynix: "How about the former FTC Chairman". We sent his wife and him on a Hawaian vacation! Now he his representing us at Townsend! He has assured me that despite the screwing we took by the Supreme Court that he knows the Commissioners well and have instructed them that they owe him a favor. I told him to make those damn calls to them soon as possible!

    FTC! You are talking about our bosses at the FTC. Don't worry about a thing. Just give them a greaser and they will be committed to screwing Rambus! We just can't tolerate of live without knowing Rambus will be able to collect royalties on those SDRAM and DDR inventions. You guys are okay. We don't care if you guys colluded right under our noses! After all all of us are family!

    Just in case lets call Judge Payne. I am encouraging Judge Payne to transfer to the District Court in California to preside over the Rambus case. That damn Whyte ain't going to play ball with us! Hynix: Look what he did on our summary judgement arguments. He took us to the wood shed for a good ass spanking! So, lets try to replace Whyte with Payne.

    Hynix: I am on the phone right now with Payne! He has started packing his bags.

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