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  • dyk742000 dyk742000 Mar 17, 2006 12:18 PM Flag

    Rambus Trial

    Mark, as a stockholder I want you to know how much I appreciate the reports you post on this board. It is the only way we get an even shot.
    I'm sure Hynix has played this card purposedly and would love a closed court room. As usual some hotheads, using bad language, have jumped on the band wagon and want to crucify someboby.
    Please dont let this stifle your reports.

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    • It shouldn't stifle Marks reports. He's intelligent, smart, and takes phenominal notes. He wouldnt need to be asking anyone else what transpired. Quite the opposite. I don't see Mark as the culprit.

      • 2 Replies to regina33014
      • Regina,

        You are wrong. You were not at the trial, so accusing others is neither your style, nor is it correct.

        All the Ramboids kept to themselves. There is no culpret among the Ramboids.

        The Jurors were never in the Halls or around us, They left the Courtroom for the Jury Room before anyone could leave or speak.

        Everyone was on the look out for the Jurors, and they were never close, except while the trial was going on.

        The facts about the trial are coming out, thanks to Mark, Hager, and Infringeon.

        Furness showed his real fear when complaining about this Board to the judge. Everything is coming out, before the trial even opens for business the next day. and it is spot on.
        All the Rabus Investors are getting it, some from Infringeon, some from Mark, TDOx and me. This is killing Hynix.

        Their complaint is an excuse, without basis in fact, to complain to Judge Whyte and hope to cut off the information flow, or possibly get even a mistrial.

        I believe they may a ringer in the Court posing as a Ramboid. he sits in the front row on the Rambus side, looks like Jabba the Hutt, doesn't interact with any of the Attorneys, from any of the Amigos, or with anyone else. He doesn't take notes. I beleive he may be nicdegreek.

        Hynix is desperate, and this is another desperate measure.

        Don't let's self-destruct. the Ramboids, all of tehm are being very careful, and they are policing each other.

      • I would wager its
        Infringetake20fromtheherdeon. He posted right after Stuart this morning to let his flock know to get their Jackson ready as his report was coming out, and has been MIA since.What a dime store 2 bit hack

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