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  • long_and_leaping long_and_leaping Apr 2, 2006 12:27 AM Flag

    hager's response time?

    There is no way we will get an email alert to our entire list of customers before major wire news (like the trial result) gets it out. We were at the supreme court (about third in line) for cert day and the wires beat us by 5 or more minutes. We were at JJ court and this board beat us.

    Of course we did a pretty good job of predicting those positive events. Even the bad decision in Europe was predicted. The good result of the FTC, the bad result from payne and the excellent result of Whyte on spoliation were predicted too.

    If an instant market alert on news as big as this will be is the reason you want to subscribe to the Hager letter don't do it. There are other vehicles for that.

    I'll let others give you reasons why you would want to subscribe.

    Rick Currin

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    • Rick,
      Much much thanks for years of tremendous reporting and exceptional analysis (both on and off this board).


    • Rick,

      The work you guys have been doing, especially today's analysis of the significance of Stone's cross of Taylor is really good. Major kudos to you and the Hager crew! Also, I'll never forget your steadfast positive expectations of the CAFC appeal. Those of us that were beaten down to within an inch of our financial lives from Payne & VA1 had a chance for a comeback from your (free at the time) analysis despite the negative rantings of Croaker, fraudbus et al. And even though one more Prost on that panel would have buried Rambus and many of us with it, we got our break.

      Folks should also know you and the Hager team have been pretty right on with your other stocks like Ebay, Sandisk and Genentech, to name a few. I'm tickled pink with my Hager subscription even without the Rambus part!

    • Thank you for your timely response. On second thought I think I will subscribe to your newsletter.

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