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  • rb11509 rb11509 Apr 7, 2006 10:06 PM Flag

    Now the big question is

    Since the majority on the board say it should be unanimous for a guilty verdict, I wonder how long the jury will be out on this one.

    I work in nyc in the court system and the recent tyco trial had the jury out 14 days before a verdict. It was close to a hung jury but they finally resolved it. I hope this is not the same. I really never knew you could have a hung jury on a civil case.

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    • No one knows the exact damage of back pay is but we can look at what Hynix's past revenue since 2000. They indicated revenue of 18 billion so we can calculate from there.

      The thing is will the judge or lawyers able to tell them exactly what they should be compensated for their awards and future royalties?

      No one really knows but we can at least guess. In a court where a thief got caught, they should pay dearly or else crimes do pay and criminals win. Society has to deal with criminals seriously.

      I think damage of $500 million is justified. 7% future royalty rate is justified also. 3.5 x 2 is 7%.

    • I am sure the jury has instructions. Like to not read the Rambus message board, read the WSJ, watch Cramer, etc. This hasn't been a long trial so complications shouldn't arise. Having said that however, Hynix, after the trial can probably make enough assertions to possibly get a mistrial or appeal. I hope not, but playing fair is not their way so nothing would surprise me.
      I am invested in Rambus, but this trial and the one that follows has huge implications for the USA hi-tech community. If the government lets this type of practice continue what incentive is there to have R&D.
      Goy off on rant, Sorry!

    • "Re: "I know others may not agree with me on this, but I would give up a small, small piece of the pie to know whats in the documents that Micron is so scared of."

      You will see them, even if it's not from Rambus. They are now in hands outside of Micron, and their existence is known, and there are just too many people after Micron (not just Rambus, but in particular the shareholder lawsuits) for them to stay burried, whether Rambus releases them or not."

      Could this help are earnings? lol But hey they would be worth something. jmo greatpick

    • I am hoping the jury takes as long as it wants. In these good times, trading everyday will fetch $1000 each trade. Yum... Yum...

    • I think you'd look great in that, Croaker. Go for a pink shade.

    • How about a T-Shirt with a great big FURNACE, blowing smoke up Payne's robe, as Hughes holds a skewer through Appleton's picture as a plane falls from the sky into HYX's headquarters where the staff are all eating dogs?

    • I think we can all agree that this thing cannot end soon enough. I have never wished for a week to pass quickly as I have for this upcoming week.

      Let's get it in the hands of the jury ASAP, and let's bury the bastards.

    • >is in serious need of a stress relieving vacation.

      Hell, I need one of those anyway!
      Between working long hours and the countless hours I've spent researching the Rambus saga, I was starting to burn out.

      For the past month, I've been taking weekends off and it's starting to work. Believe it or not, I'm actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I'm feeling alot better with some time off but a REAL vacation sure would be nice.

    • I agree Dudley. Furness is lucky we arent at the court house selling T-Shirts like they did during the OJ trial. OR Maybe we can show up like the fans at Whacko Jacko's trial.
      Anyone who thinks ME posting tha Hynix guilty plea is going to cause a misstrial is in serious need of a stress relieving vacation.

    • Nukejohn,

      I have many times in my life stated that a great sign of intelligenc of an not in what they expouse as knowledge...but in their ability to form a question that leads to inductive or new thought. What questions?

      <<<Further, their questions seem to indicate they are able to separate the wheat from the chaff.>>>

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