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  • msaba msaba Apr 10, 2006 9:43 PM Flag

    From the court . . . . . . . . I . . .

    Got a phone call from lvazquez, an avid Ramboid. He was in court today.:

    Murphy was great. Stone went first, and Murphy explained in clear and simple language why the prior art defenses fail. They went over obviuosness, and again he explained how the assembling of the various inventions together on the memory chip was not obvious to a person skilled in the art. All in all he did great. Then it was Furniss' turn to cross. They did battle together. Furniss went around and around trying to twist Murphy's words, but Murphy stood his grounds well. Again, as he has been described here before, explaining things with superb clarity.

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    • The only 'digits' the moron has are the eight at the end of his freakin' arms.


    • Forget about "Mr. Personality". He has marital problems. He recently posted that his own wife refuses to talk to him for more than 5 minutes! Put him on ignore and move on!

    • "Maybe you should check my worth with the NYRC. Thx for coming back to me 12 hours later and even after you posted on IHUB. FU and stay out of any conversations I have with Barry, you're neither mentally up to it or finacially up to it. "

      I dont have to "check" your worth with the NYRC or anybody else for that matter, I have weighed you and your assinine posts and see that you come up short each and every day. Just like your posts that get no recs, no value...

      I came back after 12 hours as I spent the afternoon with my father, gee....what a terrible thing to have been away not respond to you within if MY life revolves around i said before....GET A LIFE

      and to be truthful, YOUR conversations with Barry center around you being an ASS to that really a convesation?

      As long as you are attacking me mentally and financially, why dont you throw in the idea that I have a small dick, my mother is a whore, my sister is a crack addict and my dog has fleas....

      after are the CONSUMATE poster....

    • Maybe you should check my worth with the NYRC. Thx for coming back to me 12 hours later and even after you posted on IHUB. FU and stay out of any conversations I have with Barry, you're neither mentally up to it or finacially up to it.

    • "Your comments are usually very high on my bullshit meter. Its not personal with me but is is sometimes difficult to separate the person from the stupid comments when responding. We are all human, afterall. "

      Thank GOD he have us opposable thumbs so we could click on "ignore" and rid yourself of any annoying post or person....

      How about a little fricken tolerance for lands sake....?

      So WHAT if someone brings each and every nuance and nerosis they have to the table...dont you THINK that the things that have happened to RMBS stock with Payne have brought us to the breaking point at some point. SHiT...last year I lost nearly everything and brought my account back during the year to once again be on the cusp of retiring early.....but i dont freaking get on someones back cuz i dont like the idea that he is both sides of the coin in each of his posts...its who he what....we all have something ....

      a little tolerance people....its what allows us to live in peace....otherwise we just have chaos.....

    • "go fuck ever see me whining like a bitch cause i cant pump my options up. ever see me give 1500 different opinions that turns out for shit. i thought so..and FYI my life is just fine. My bet is yours doesnt hold a candle to mine unless of course your net worth is 8 digits too. until then i will respond to each of Barry's whoa is me dont like it put me on ignore or fuck off "

      and my response to you is that if YOU respond to a "whiner" then YOU are a "whiner" as well..

      but since you like to use the FU so much with your i got 8 digits you really think i care to bother duking it out with you and your assinine attitude?, free country dude, you dont want to hear him "whine" YOU ignore him...

      I personally like a bit of whine in my daily dose of bashers and shit lovers....and i never mentioned your life as being good or bad...but geting a life...I just said to grow up ..big difference....and for the record....just cuz you claim to be worth 8 digits....i really think you are nothing but a whiney ass if you are worth 8 digits but have the time or inclination to sit and spew your filth on someeone else..

      once again...GROW UP ....GET A LIFE....and learn to play nice in the sandbox

    • Since you are so great at sniffing out crap, then why can't you smell the stinch with your nose in Bush's ass?

    • "here are 3 people on this board who will miss no opportunity to attack me, and who will attack most posts that I make based on the source of the post (me) even if they cannot attack what I'm saying:"

      bulls**t i respond to you when you are

      1 acting pompous
      2 wrong
      3 restating what was posted some time earlier as you often do over and over again
      4 I castigated you once when you were talking stupid and reccomending to a newbe to buy short term options without knowing a thing about him and his risk tolerance. if that person listened to you , he lost!

      i differ with many here I think for the most part your posts have been no help in any decision re rmbs none, zip, nada . I would venture a guess that many or most longs here who have been here as long as you have done have done much better than you on a % basis. I know i have!

      PS and i never blamed a judge for my options expiring because it was my decision to buy them and i factor in the risks hint hint

      to you this board is your forum your opportunity to shine, everyone else can make their own decision!

    • My bad. Shows how scared I have become of options expiration. I may dabble back into some Aprils if we have another week. I agree, the verdict will be known by mid-next week at the latest. The April 50s are taking a beating today and may be pciked up for a buck by the end of the day. If we drift until Friday, they may get even cheaper - no news until then at least.

      If we win this thing we all will be free of money worries for a long time.

      It is a weird feeling. It feels like we are going to win a lottery or something but we know ahead of time. All my friends think I am little crazy with RMBS - having spoke about it for 7 years now. I just want the day to come when it is $250 after a 4:1 split - on the cover of Forbes - the darling of Wall Street - the next Wal-Mart or Microsoft - where people say, If I had only known then to buy it under $50... It has been like slow motion. Just kind of weird that it actually seems like it will happen.

    • This is precisely why I enjoy reading your posts so much: well researched and extremely tactful. Want you to know I truly appreciate reading your posts.

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