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  • msaba msaba Apr 27, 2006 9:36 AM Flag

    The fad of bashing management . . . . .

    is becoming popular. The stock price did not go up as per "OUR" schedule. Darn.

    People are forgetting the following:

    If it was not for the corruption within the DRAM industry, going to JEDEC in 1992 would have been a good move.

    If it was not for the "MAJOR" conspiracy by the DRAM cartel we would not have had the legal problems we did.

    If it was not for a highly biased, and probably corrupt, judge, going to the EDVA would have been a masterful move.

    If it was not for a corrupt FTC, we would have been far better off.

    If it was not for Tate's skill, and his generous granting of options, Rambus would have DIED in the summer of 2002.

    The quality of Rambus' management does not change on a daily basis as the stock price. So, if RMBS is at $100 by the end of the year, it will not mean that the "quality" has improved. Similarly, if we go down today, it will not mean that the "quality" has deteriorated.

    Wake up folks.

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    • for our wonderful management or their workerbees.

      They ate at that well last quarter.

    • Have you read the PROXY STATEMENT? Enough said!

    • Nice approach, maybe kissing their a$$ will keep them away from the trough? I think it's been tried already though. If they looked out for shareholders half as well as they look out for themselves, we would be a lot higher on the chart. I mean a live verdict like I mentioned before. If this was their FIRST rodeo, I wouldn't be complaining.

      On the other hand, it's a mistake I could have made too. Everybody's human. (well almost)

      I think most agree that it's time for them to tighten up the purse strings on the options.

      It's a fine line between criticism and bashing. How they gonna know if nobody says anything?

    • 1."If it was not for the corruption within the DRAM industry"

      2."If it was not for the "MAJOR" conspiracy by the DRAM cartel"

      3."If it was not for a highly biased, and probably corrupt, judge"

      as for #3, the ineptitude of Rambus Mngt Originally chose this "rocket docket" venue themselves, and the shareholders have paid the price for that horrendous decision ever since.

      as for #1 & #2, Contrary to popular opinion, there is corruption in the real world just waiting to exercise the fullest extent of their maligned belief system when given the opportunity. And, that "opportunity" was handed to them on a silver platter in the form of ineffectual, unprotective, porous, vaporous contracts drawn up by your pickadilly's in Armani suits. Poorly designed and written contractual agreements written by your "pickadilly's" was the key that unlocked the house for the thieves to enter. And, ENTER they did. They could not get in any other way other than by the hand that held the key that let them in. Your "pickadilly's" would Not be in court if they had not unlocked the door for the thieves to enter.

      Why should Wall Street, yet alone shareholders, be expected to laud the brilliance of F&H's IQ performance with IQ lack of performance of an obscenely greedy bad boy management? What Rambus needs is a management team at least equal to the performing genius of its inventors and their co-workers. Why anyone would demand these greedy "pickadilly's" to remain after all the bad places they have escorted Rambus into is just beyond my thinking.

    • << If it was not for Tate's skill, and his generous granting of options, Rambus would have DIED in the summer of 2002.>>

      I am as long as anyone on this stock but please spare me the feint praise for Tate and the line about RMBS collapsing but for his ingenious raid on the RMBS options oink bank. Geez. So RMBS needed Tate managerial style to survive? Tate is the only official that could not testify on bahalf of RMBS because he got his b/s confused with the realities on the ground and had his credibility torn into shreds in the first go round in Va 1.

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      • Tate probably made some mistakes in VA1. I say "probably" because a certain LTL who is very familiar with the questions and answers in VA1 asserted that Tate did not lie. Others, of course, believe he did.

        In the summer of 2002, after the FTC case was formally filed, and RMBS went down to $3.08, holding the company together and preventing a mass exodus and total collapse, is something I credit to Tate.

    • they deserve alittle bashing,their options program could best be characterized as "pigs at the trough",and its alittle disconcerting to have the ceo talkng about a 1.5 trillion dollar infringing market and their quarterly earings are 2 cents.(and their case still sits on the ftc docket)

    • "If it was not for Tate's skill, and his generous granting of options, Rambus would have DIED in the summer of 2002."

      The same Tate that rushed us into VA and payne? If this whole thing is about money (options) and more=better, why not just pay Danforth $65 million a year in options and get this whole mess over a lot sooner??

      I have no problem paying these guy well but by ANY STANDARD they are getting way too much at your and my expense. I'm not sure what else to say when so many shareholders seem to enjoy having these guys raid our savings account month after month.

      For Christ's sake- IT OUR MONEY!

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      • I agree!! There is such a thing as outrageous compensation and unfortunately most boards (who determine management comp) are in bed with management, thus huge comp packages abound.

        Another food-for-thought item. It has not escaped me that many news items were held back for publication until the weeks of the trial. This helped fuel the "hype" surrounding the trial and thus the stock price also started taking off. It was during this run up in price that large amounts of options were being cashed-in. IS this just a coincidence?? I doubt it. I believe management planned ahead in a very crafty way. Knowing that the stock was going to see a run-up before the trial, why not add many juicy news items at the same time, pump the price and then rip out the options. I also believe that many in mangement knew that the price was not going to 60-80 even with a positive verdict.

    • here the kissing sound from here. If Tate so sharp why did he choose Richmond. If Tate is so great why is he (thankfully) no longer CEO. This is a thorough-bred being ridden by plowboys.

    • Well said!Nice job.Management is NOT to blame for the Amigo's.No management make all the right moves but Rambus management made enough moves to stay ALIVE!

      Options are part of life !Get over it!

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