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  • msaba msaba May 15, 2006 10:22 AM Flag

    From the WSJ . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Supreme Court rules federal courts have leeway on issuing injunctions in patent-infringment cases, in a victory for eBay. Full article coming shortly.

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    • "Do you think HH is the best person we could have to do the job?

      They never looked for a CEO beyond the Rambus BOD

      Stuart Steele"

      And how many millions of shares have you purchased since HH took the CEO job? But only just recently you are asking such questions?

      Sounds to me like disappointment is talking through a lot of people on this board and that is understandable. However, it is time to get off HH and let him do his damn job, handing out options and all. If you can't I see Coke shot up over a percent today.

      BTW sorry but I won't kiss anyone's ass, especially when they are as wrong on this subject as you are.

    • MSABA
      I completely agree with your take on Mr. Dowd;
      despite having 'done his homework',
      he cannot address the differences between the cheap legacy options, the direction of cash flow during exercise of employee options, the 'expensing' of options, and the newly approved employee options plan.
      I see that qcom has an executive options plan, not an employee option plan.

      In the final analysis, ,there are quite a lot of posters who apparently can't grasp the concepts. Wow...OH well, less junk to read I guess...

      Regarding the carping of finding a new CEO in mid-lawsuit,, who should be on the list of candidates who would have been up to speed on all the lawsuits at the time we needed a new CEO and pronto??

      So why does Mr. Dowd ignore all questions that let the air out of his balloon? Maybe he'll bluster at us when we meet again.

    • we concur on Greg Stone, but maybe not the options...

      just dug up my sndk proxy and first line under eligibility is 'Executive officers and employees, as well as independent consultants and contractors...non-employee members of the BOD will be eligible to participate in the discretionary grant and stock issuance programs as well as the automatic grant program'.

      I no that doesn't mean crap for rmbs, but thought I remember reading the same boilerplate verbage in the rmbs proxy stuff.

      Will dig it up and confirm.

    • With Stone you never get anything less! And no the options are not for non employees!

    • According to the terms in the voting material, you don't need to be an employee to receive options.

      I could be confusing that with SNDK, but I doubt it.

      Agreed, but if we are going to pay for the 'best and the brightest' anyway, let's make sure that they are, indeed, the best and the brightest.

    • Stone is not an employee, he is outside legal council. He is paid very well for his services he is not elgible for company options! Let's just stop throwing the options around like they don't mean anything!

    • Absolutely, Positively, WRONG.

      This isn't all about the few patents in question in is about ALL of them, and how effectively management is at prosecuting the current patents. (that doesn't mean litigation).

      Maybe your goal is to get a little pop off SDRAM and DDR. It's looking more and more like that might be 2 years out. Even if we win AT, appeals will burn up years.

      Our problem, is that we have HH issuing policy over the CURRENT patents. What traps is he laying for us now? What decisions/mistakes is he making today that will drive us right back into court a few years from now? What is he giving away today?

      HH has an incredibly important job to do TODAY, and I don't have much confidence that he is capable.

      Past management has already screwed the pooch and we are fighting for our life in court because of it...I don't want HH repeating those mistakes.

      Give the options to Stone and the engineers...they are the only ones keeping us in the game.

    • "charisma the fundimental leadership quality."

      No wonder you forward the opinions you do.

    • About his interaction with Dowd:

      Dowd delivered a punch below the belt.


      If a CEO cannot handle a punch - no matter where it is coming from - he should not be in the ring. HH has said three bad things over the past few weeks -

      I am tired fighting (then let someone else fight)
      I was surprised by the verdicts (if you don't believe in the patents or legal team - resign)
      If you don't like what we do - then sell (unheard of for someone who's #1 goal should be bolstering shareholder value).

      HH is in over his head - as are much of RMBS management, especially the sales people - who can't grow revenue. That is their job.

      We need a white knight. We need a takeover. Management is not tough enough - and we have a tired leader who only attacks the shareholders and seeks peace at any cost with those who want to destroy him. His priorities are in the wrong place. He is the wrong man for the job.

      Next - I am afraid he is going to cut a bad deal after 6-7 years of all this.

      I want to thank John Dowd for voicing the concerns of so many here - who have put their hearts and finances into this stock. If HH cannot repsond diplomatically and with poise - that his HH's problem and not Dowd's.

      Remember JFK aids: maturity is grace under pressure.

    • HH is not the best CEO possible. He would be the first to admit this in private. Tate was not the best either. They both bring different skill sets to the position, but each lacks charisma the fundimental leadership quality.

      GT understood the technology, while HH really understands the dollars, but neither has a clue about truly leading, IMO. It's the difference between Scully & Jobs at Apple. Not only is Steve Jobs a good man (believable), but he has vision. Scully had zero vision and was hard to believe in as a result.

      For this Ramboid it doesn't matter. HH is the pres of Club Rambus and that's it. The visionaries are done with their brilliant work. The patents are what they are. Now we just need to stay in Business until the good judges rule again and again until the thieving colluders cave.

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