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  • dr_bernstien55 dr_bernstien55 Oct 19, 2006 8:37 PM Flag

    What you Shorts Fail to Realize is the $200M is History

    The $200M option charge will be applied to the old Financial statement from 2001-2005. It's just a change in old statement.

    What management is doing is straightening out the public records and making RMBS a better, more transparent public company. Institutions and Smart Money know this. This is very good to Wall St. Money. Plus RMBS exceeds all revenue expectations.

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    • And they'll have to take charges of at least 200 million for just some of their shenanigans. THat's real special.

      They just threw a 10 million dollar bone at Munger Tolles and Olsen for "winning" a portion of one of their halfassed lawsuits that didn't get them a nickle. The important part, where they get to take somebody elses' money they look ready to lose; mainly because they didn't have a case to make on the counterclaim that would have gotten them anything.

      They'll pay more and more in trying to keep the hounds away at this point. Frankly, when all is said and done, they deserve all the misery that their greed, arrogance and stupidity will bring them.

    • Just look at BRCM, they first told the street 750M was misdated then later came back with the final number of 1.5 Billion. Did they get punish by Wall Street....NO. The bottom line is that SEC doesn't have the balls to do anything serious to these companies. At the end, they will take a small setttlement from these companies and call it a day. I'm buying tomorrow especially whenthere is absolutely no down side action in the AH. I would'nt be surprise that we will get a couple of upgrade tomorrow. Good luck.

    • Fine -- go there -- the options thing is history.

      On the CC mgmt forcasted Q4 revs to be 44-47M which is FLAT based on today's revs. How do you justify a 60+ PE for a company with flat revenues?

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