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  • jinqiu_lu jinqiu_lu Feb 7, 2007 7:59 PM Flag

    RMBS is a $70-100 stock in 12 months from now...

    Look at its volume path: 40 mil, 16 mil and 8mil� and on its last pop early 2006, the volume path (5 days) was: 18 mil, 5 mil, 25 mil, 11 mil, 41 mil.

    We are sitting on a much higher launch pad (volume is doubled) than it was on early 2006 pop� and I am looking for higher than 40 mil volume to show up this week or next week and price should get the first double from the launch point @ 19s a few days after the highest volume hits.

    But the chance is, with RMBS close AH near 23 today, then on the chart pattern we have a huge bull set up here, with:

    Day 1: big gap up with long bottom tail HOD close above the previous peak green candle plus all time high BO volume;
    Day 2, small insider candle with 1/3 BO volume to get rid of the weak hands;
    and Day 3 is another green engulfing candle, if you put the travel of this AH in;

    the regular closing is very tricky, double bottom intraday with a 0.01 point green candle, some one knows this news, since RMBS got this notice on 2/6/2006, and they release this news one day later after MKT close. And option side, if you look at the volume and OI on Feb calls/puts, you should see a close above $30 by this OE is very possible.

    I am expecting to see the first meaningful gap to happen in the morning above 23.5. If it does that, then that gap should be considered as the break away gap, the first round of short covering and squeeze starts there� with many rounds to follow�


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    • OK, 20.6, I grabbed 1k shares here�

    • Hmmm...

      Morning gap down ending up with a double gap filling action now� plus 50 ema crossed above the 200 ema� this is a bull reversal pattern�

      I am closing out my hedged puts here...

    • May 12.5p, 15p, 17.5p are skyrocketing now...

      hope you hedged!!

    • did you hedge? ;))

    • Glad I hedged as planned this morning at open� Got May 15p as a hedging position to my leaps calls�

    • WOW!

      Hawk believes the Fed. gov will throw the FTC on a sword, and you've some kind of crystal ball that foresee's price rises.


      The thing I've learned over these 7 long years is that the unexpected always happens when you least expect it where the bus is concerned. And if the unexpected doesn't happen of its own volition Rambus management will provide the necessary fuel for the unexpected to happen.

      You folks are in for a hugh surprise.

      Boots long and holding

    • RMBS long holders...

      I said RMBS is a $70-100 stock in 12 months... but it doesn't mean it won't go back to 10s again while it is waiting for the next court date until Jun, so do something to protect yourself from getting hurt...

      I don't like what I see on its weekly chart here...

      the most recent peak @ 23.95 could turned out to be a peak of EW5 from 10.25 up!

      and on the big trend, if we read 46.99 to 10.25 as the big "A", then this move from 10.25 to 23.95 should be count as the big "B", if this is right... it might have a big "C" yet to come!

      And considering about the delay in court until Jun... I just can't rule out it won't give us a big "C" down before it gets every thing clears in the court...

      I think I will just continue holding those Jan 08 calls, but I will get some May 12.2p, 15p ans 17.5p to hedge my long positions next week as a protection... not plan to short calls on this one.. to risky...

      So, stop add leaps for now... and get some cheap puts for protection... if it does do a "c" down here... we might see it back to 10.25 one more time...

    • I'm not so sure that if JW gives RMBS the injunction against the 'Amigoes', that it doesn't get there by the end of February. There may be settlements in the pipeline with the ink drying, whose force may commence with the injuntion. No tickee, no washee. $ 2.3 billion market cap and 85 million shares outstanding in the float and everything on a razors edge. The after hours could be something, as depending on when the order comes down, there may not be time to get a true price. Some might say that everyone has already bought, but how can that be if the stock price is at 23 or so and all those billions are out there owed to the bus.

    • Hugh volume on Feb 22.5c today with only one day left before expired� if option writers decide to take out 22.5 strike today, then the chance to see 25 strike taken out will be very high�

    • a move above 22.25 marks a bo from the down trendline trapped rmbs in past 3 days...

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