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  • jeepnariz jeepnariz Feb 11, 2009 4:19 PM Flag

    Judge issues FINAL Rambus ruling... takes a real genius to understand Vector Vest software which was around before and after the tech crash while knowlegable investors laughed at its stock ratings back then, of course if you follow its market timing and stock ratings, you can be almost assured you will either be out of those stocks/market when it recovers or still be in those stocks/market when its falling, but be my guest and keep buying Vector's stock monthly software updates, one of many such guru led softwares out there. Vector, Motley Fool, etc had to reorganize after the tech crash and 911 to stay afloat as subscribers left in droves, but it's still funny that they all got new life with the market rebound through 2007, but greed will do that, hell even Cramer made a comeback after bankrupting the and blowing out of his hedge fund....LOL !

    I've made plenty of money trading RMBS since 1999, buying and selling as it is a wonderful stock to trade because of all the litigation issues along with the hype of tech stocks with phantom PE's. I don't currently own RMBS and who knows might again with the Dow/Nasd sell off continuing for the next couple of months. It was a no brainer in the 3's in 02 and might get there again in 09. If you are making money, that is wonderful as I am all for investors making money as it can be very challenging at of luck to you to continue making money as this may be the best opportunity to buy low/sell high since 2002, but patience is required...cheers!

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