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  • rambusince99 rambusince99 Nov 22, 2009 6:19 PM Flag


    By RAMBUSINCE99 & Company

    Rambus developed IP back in the mid 1990's which was wantonly copied/stolen by memory manufacturers and others. Though collusion/price fixing and other nefarious acts, the Memory Manufacturing Cartel was able to box Rambus' RDRAM out of the market, even though it had been annointed by Intel as the answer to the memory bottleneck.

    Through legal maneuvering, the cartel has been able to delay the anti-trust price fixing trial. However, those delays appear to have come to an end and the trial will start in mid-January 2010, just 50 days from now. Rambus has already won a patent infringement case against Hynix by a jury vote of 37-0 in favor of Rambus. If Rambus wins the upcoming Price Fixing trial (the charges have already been admitted to in the criminal trial prosecuted by the DOJ), the claimed damages of $4B are automatically trebled to $12B - $13B.

    Look for the Cartel to settle in order to reduce the damages, save face in front of their shareholders, and avoid class action lawsuits.

    Don't believe any of the short bashing. Rambus is closer to pay dirt than it has ever been.

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      • The URL you pointed to is a post by Doomreaper, not me...

        As to giving a stock a "strong buy" in late 2009 so what? The courts move very slowly and the AT was no exception. The cartel pulled off some very creative delays. Rambus can not move forward until the cartel is finally made responsible for wha it has done. That day is near now - the AT will wrap up in just a few more weeks.

        "Rambutt99" - boy, now there's some truly funny stuff... You don't seem to have much of an understanding of monopolies or humor.

    • How's this all working out for you, Stoneage of the past?

      Perhaps you can point out where your statements support Ramscam getting anything for their "patent" or "antitrust" battles.

      Mid-1990s developments don't exactly help Ramscam with their patent scams since they need to have "invented" everything they needed for their Rambus interfaces prior to 1990 to have any chance for valitity of their later filed claims. The disclosures they made in the mid-90s only make it clear that they had no technology useful for the implementation of a Rambus interface or any other interface at the time of the filing of their 1990 patent. It's only been by withholding that information from the USPTO that they've gained any of the claims they assert as being necessarily by the making and using of devices compliant with the JEDEC SDRAM standards.

      I guess you've found out how Samsung could avoid paying ****Billions**** of dollars because of some "antitrust" BS Ramscam made up after everything else they tried obviously wouldn't work. They paid $180 million and got $200 million worth (at the time) of Ramscam stock. Half of that has lost 50% of its value, but the rest will have to be bought by Ramscam on the 19th of this month for $100 million.

      In the meantime Samsung doesn't have to listen to any of Rambus' BS, gets to decide whether they'll pay $10 million a quarter or more if they feel like it and generally gets to ride Ramscam's anti-competitive stream of bogus lawsuits to gain market share.

      A "win-win" as Geoff Tate so eloquently put it. Including buying puts on Ramscam stock just as he suggested.

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      • Nothing to do on a Saturday than finding nearly two year old posts of mine? Sad Danny. Go outside and play - you need to get a life. Get some sun. You'll feel better.

        "How's this all working out for you, Stoneage of the past?"

        I'll tell you in just a couple of weeks. The AT trial will be over likely in mid-September. The jury should have to deliberate about 10 minutes before finding the Cartel guilty and upholding Rambus' $4B damages claim

        "Perhaps you can point out where your statements support Ramscam getting anything for their "patent" or "antitrust" battles."

        Judge Whyte should recertify the Hynix v. Rambus patent case soon since he has essentially already dismissed spoliaiton by saying there was no bad faith and no prejudice to Hynix. So that liability is $500M alone.

        Micron v. Rambus. Different story possibly. We'll see. Judge Robinson needs to show bad faith and prejudice (she'll actully have to look at evidence) before invalidating Rambus patents. The CAFC said to use the "least egregious" of sanctions, but we'll see.

        The AT, as discussed above could yield $4B plus trebling. The "defense" of the cartel hasn't done much yet. We'll see in a couple of weeks what the jury comes up with.


      You just PROVED my point!

      Thank you!

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