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  • tech_hound tech_hound Aug 11, 2010 4:37 PM Flag

    Do you feel Transformed Yet?

    Hey Dumbdude99, Pandesic was not even a publically traded company.

    Wake Up Moron

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    • Then why even bring it up tech_doofus?

      "He who is without fault cast the first stone!"

      Like I said before, I would love to hear about your great accomplishments in your working career.

      Got any to brag about other than having your wife support you because you can't be the bread earner on your own?

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      • Now Bold, what Tech Hound raises about Harold is a legit issue. Pandesic was a failure and Harold was in charge. That is a fact and is part of his history. Indeed he was CFO or treasurer of Intel, but that DOES NOT QUALIFY Harold to lead a venture-type hi-tech company. So far, the measure of Harold's performance over the past 5 years is abysmal.

        Has he added to market cap? NO. Is the pps higher than it was when he started? NO. Has he transformed Rambus from a litigation company to a business? NO. Has he negotiated truly good deals for licenses? NO---the Sammie deal was a disgrace and giveaway where he diluted value both by issuing more shares and devaluing Rambus assets by giving away damages, forward looking royalties and tech IP through a completely valueless MOU.

        How about his team? Has Sharon really done anything to obtain licenses? NO. She makes up excuses as she collects millions in stock options. What about Tommie? What has he added to the legal equation? Is he really necessary? Nothing and No repectively.

        So the CEO has devalued the company since he came on board, pilfered its assets with the help of an indolent if not corrupt BOD and selected an inept management team.

        I think Tech hound has a point here and I can rest his and my case right here. Bold, ball is in your court. Let's see how you and your appendage Best reply to this one.

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