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  • trinity4lifesong trinity4lifesong Aug 16, 2010 12:42 PM Flag

    Recent Saga in W D.C Can Be Understood and Be Interpreted By Chinese TaiChi-YingYang-Dao

    Good and Evil coexist dynamically thru the domain of the time and space!

    God's grace, love and power, justice had already revealed Himself to and through all cultures, all religions hence all man are created equal!

    Obama has done the right thing last week as I am happy to see the positive energy he has dispensed into the biased society about how for the recovery from since alomst 10 years ago! Mosque and Chinese Temple is needed more in this nation!

    The Jewish's God's chosen people as God's willing should stay as at within-tribe level but when we are at the global discussion then all cultures legend does have equal weight in God's eye as it was granted by Him!

    The hardcore Republicans even asking for tax cut for their own benefit at this stage of the global financial fire/storm as I can see it does represent the negative energy at this moment for the U.S people's wellbeing.

    Now, the double-dip is looming/imminent! (WSJ interview with David Rosenberg about more than 50% chance for it is elaborated and attached here:!

    The solution for all this trouble is simple and straightforward as long as we can take the Chinese way of belief about the attitude toward the life: Take the middle way of everything and live within our means and lead a moderate and humble life! Dow back to 5000 or even 3000 we will still a happy man!

    The whole messgae is still RMBS related! RMBS has no friends or true partners in the industry but just a litigation Troll so it needs to tune down its business model from this extreme! Its optimized business model should be shareholder friendly as well!

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