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  • rambusince99 rambusince99 Aug 30, 2011 9:46 PM Flag

    MU's big mouth sinks MU...

    "It is not illegal to price your produt to be competitive and have a price advantage over your competitors"

    Agree. But it is illegal to conspire with the "competitors" to fix prices and restrict output of a product to "sink Rambus." That is categorically NOT A FREE MARKET. Do you seriously not understand what this case is about. It is about an illegal, price fixing cartel that MU was a card-carrying member of.

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    • Ok, how do you factor in a product that was inherently restrictive to produce? Where was the magic wand that made the impossible, possible?

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      • That's your opinion. I have mine as well as to how RDRAM would have done in an open market. The problem is that we didn't get the chance to find out. MU and others cheated and permanently obscured what would have happened.

        Now a jury has to try to figure out what would have happened. Who has the most compelling evidence. Who has the most convincing expert opinion. Sad, but that's what we are left with when companies like MU break the law and engage in illegal activity.

        My guess is that the jury will come up with a very big damage award. And MU and Hynix will have no one to blame but themselves.

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