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  • rambusince99 rambusince99 Aug 31, 2011 11:09 AM Flag

    MU's big mouth sinks MU...

    Wrong,wrong, wrong and wrong.

    "I am constantly amazed by the numerous comments that basically claim Micron was somehow obligated to make/sell RDRAM. No company, in any industry, has to provide a product, regardless of the demand."

    Wrong. Micron was under contract with Rambus to make best efforts to produce, promote and sell RDRAM. Micron took $500M of Intel's money for the purpose of tooling up to produce RDRAM.

    "What I find most mystifying is how anyone can believe that Micron, the only non-RDRAM producer, was able to convince the other makers of RDRAM to stop making RDRAM."

    Wrong. How about this for proof that MU was behind the "kill Rambus" move:

    “No problem! We want DDR to explode into the marketplace so have actually been requesting Infineon, Samsung and Hynix to lower their DDR pricing to help it become a standard (and drive Rambus away completely.)” Linda Turner VP of Internationl Sales at Micron 6-5-2001.

    "Mu is guilty as hell of trying to price fix SDR and DDR, but it was price fixing to raise or hold prices, not to lower them. The documents are clear on this."

    Wrong. You missed this by a mile. The email above confirms that the cartel (MU included) were fixing prices on DDR and SDRAM low to kill RDRAM, then once accomplished, jacked prices way up. Tripled DDR prices in fact, then got caught when Michael Dell reported "cartel like activities". That's where dishonesty and greed get you.

    "I own neither stock nor have any positionon either. Just an intereting thing to watch. Objectivity is the key to success."

    Wrong. Why would you post night and day on the MU board if you have no position in MU. Why would you come here as well? I find your comment that you own no position in eithr stock so you are therefor more "objective" to be let's just say, less than reliable.

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