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  • xquestor xquestor Sep 5, 2011 1:23 AM Flag


    If that is what you think, please load up on RMBS stock. This whole matter will actually be settled in the Federal Courts where case law decisions made outside of CA will be used to determine the final outcome.

    In either case RMBS will go broke.


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    • Still stuck on Federal courts when this is a CA matter I see. The FED HAS NO JURISDICTION pal...

      Also now imagining that ACPERA will apply to the Rambus' suit retroactively, even though Rambus' suit was filed a few months prior to ACPERA.

      Good luck with that. You are wrong.

      In either case, MU will go BK.

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      • If they wanted a court with authority to rule on matters affecting trade outside the state of California then the Federal District Court is where they should have been in the first place.

        You're think that rather old precedent will be overturned:

        "New York has no power to project its legislation into Vermont by regulating the price to be paid in that state for milk acquired there. So much is not disputed. New York is equally without power to prohibit the introduction within her territory of milk of wholesome quality acquired in Vermont, whether at high prices or at low ones. This again is not disputed. Accepting those postulates, New York asserts her power to outlaw milk so introduced by prohibiting its sale thereafter if the price that has been paid for it to the farmers of Vermont is less than would be owing in like circumstances to farmers in New York. The importer in that view may keep his milk or drink it, but sell it he may not.

        Such a power, if exerted, will set a barrier to traffic between one state and another as effective as if customs duties, equal to the price differential, had been laid upon the thing transported. Imposts or duties upon commerce with other countries are placed by an express prohibition of the Constitution, beyond the power of a state, "except what may be absolutely necessary for executing its inspection laws.""

        Rulings that lower prices that enhanced competition by the destruction of a predatory monopolist and its fraudulent scheme to establish a cartel under some alleged "blocking patent" aren't going to fly outside of California. It's much less than a fifty-fifty chance that the Cartwright act can even be bent that far without breaking entirely.

        Click your little finger to the bone.

      • Maybe; But after RMBS!

        You seem to be a pretty smart guy. Why did you buy RMBS stock in 1999 and ride it up to $135 and never sold?


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