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  • gregory.lynn Sep 17, 2011 11:04 AM Flag

    Micron lier and theives

    I think you are backing the wrong horse my friend. Micron (which you spelled right in the subject line, kudos) are good people, and have been fighting the lying scum at Rambus for over a decade.

    Rambus wins enough in court to have a few people still believe in them, those seeking the truth however know that these few are misguided and delusional, and have walled themselves off in a forum where they can delete opposing views, keeping the message "pure". This is normal behavior for them, they tried to hide the truth in this forum recently with one star aliases.

    Be advised, they are very passionate about recruiting people to their side and will spread lies to get you to "see their point of view". In the defense of many of the "Ramboids", they probably believe what they are saying, which makes them even worse.

    I advise you to research this topic well, and don't take anybody's word for it, including mine, and especially not anybody on the IV forums.

    If you choose not to heed this warning then you have my sympathies for your impending losses in the stock market.

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