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  • jrkkek jrkkek Sep 26, 2011 8:20 PM Flag

    Jury is fair jury

    The jury will see the injustice of dragging an incocnet company through 10 years of litigation for their own mis-management.

    IF the jury could they would award MU damages for the BS suit.

    Just ask intel what they think of ddram and rambus management and why it failed.

    Rambus was not able to produce one witness who said ddram was the future of memory from the major players.

    rambus will get what they deserve Zero.

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    • And you, you hair lipped toad, will cry like a fricken baby when your crap stock looses. So take it from Bubba and squeel like a pig!

    • Exactly, same post over and over. Go to investor village

    • I disagree. This jury is as science phobic as are most Americans. Rambutt's high priced lawyer Sean "the magna cum laude Ivy League Facebook Extraordinaire" Eskovitz has repeatedly told this jury that only Rambutt can solve the problem of speeding up computer main memory.

      No one, I mean absolutely no one else, can solve the problem of speeding up computer main memory. There was divine intervention that Rambutt's Mark Horowitz revolutionized computer main memory - and it is called Rambutt Direct Random Access Memory RDRAM).

      Why else are there so many Ramboids walking on the face of Earth? Ramboids are divine true believers of Mark Horowitz's revolutionary discovery of RDRAM.

      Come on folks. 9/11 was planned and executed out of a cave in Afghanistan 6,000 miles away and most Americans believe that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11.

      Santa Claus wears a red suit just like the Red Chinese and the Soviet Russian Communists. With 500 cameras watching the Pentagon we haven't seen video from the 9/11 attack form a single one of those cameras. I believe it was Santa Claus that attacked America on 9/11.

      Likewise I believe that RDRAM was invented by God and Mark Horoowitz was his angel messenger from heaven. God will be in the jury room and directing a $4 Billion award to God's angel because it is the right thing to do.

    • No kidding!!!

    • You post the same thing like 8 times a day. All you do is just change the wording a little bit and re-post over and over, ad nauseum. We get it. You think RMBS should get nothing and it's a big travesty if they win. Great, now go away.

      Did your therapist tell you this was what you needed to do so you don't blow your head off this week?

    • Fair jury? Where did you get that idea ? 12 idiots not smart enough to get off jury duty? These guys certaintly aren't self employed or make big money...they can be swayed by the wind or even bought for the right price...this. Is calafornia the land of OJ and movies

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