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  • been waiting ten years for some justice for Rambus and I'm starting to think the jury is going to get it wrong or not hand out an equitable amount in the reward. unbelievable. i hope im wrong.

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    • A 24x7x365 paid basher apparently.

      Doesn't bother me. I love showing Yahoo readers how stupid the low level bashing pool members are.


    • For once, you are absolutely correct. I could care less. Don't care how or why, right or wrong, or about all your stodgy research. Just get me that verdict.

    • Keroook won't be able to find any evidence, since Rambus did nothing wrong.

      The self-plead guilty price fixing criminal cartel, and their huge army of lawyers, has been trying to find spoliation evidence against Rambus for almost 20 years, and have come up with ZERO!!!!!!!

      Face it, criminal cartel is going to be crushed, mostly be the tens of billion dollars AT verdict, but also because corrupt forces will not be able to find anything to take away Rambus patents rights a,d prevent Rambus from collecting Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in back damages.

      And there's nothing you paid bashers can say to get around that. He he he!!!!!!!


    • gregory.lynn Oct 3, 2011 1:39 PM Flag

      In a more ominous sign for Rambus, the appeals court found "ample evidence that Rambus destroyed documents in its possession knowing that they would likely be forced to produce in litigation and intending to prevent that production."

      "The next step is to go to Judge Robinson and ask that she make detailed findings based on the evidence that has already been presented to her."

    • gregory.lynn Oct 3, 2011 1:29 PM Flag

      Hey doc, don't bother reading the article, or the linked documents in the article which are from the federal appeals court containing their ruling on spoliation.

      The truth does not concern you, as you have made abundantly clear.

    • Seriously, Greg? What are you, like 12? Maybe you should just challenge him to a fight behind the bleachers.

      Just when I thought we had you all straightened out, you go and embarrass yourself again.

    • It is all going to boil down to defensive collateral estoppel. In other words rmbs WAS FOUND GUILTY OF SPOLIATION IN THE DELAWARE CASE won by Micron.

      From here on in, every RMBS defendant will have the opportunity to claim the same and those that have already settled may seek to reopen their cases to recover damages, based on the new evidence developed in the Micron case.

      Watch and see!


      • 1 Reply to xquestor
      • There is much nonsense in this post, especially the canard about the Delaware federal case.

        As matters stand, MU "won" nothing there. In fact the decision of the judge there was expressly reversed on appeal and remanded back to her for having no foundation at all, no evidence to base the drastic remedy of original dismissal of RMBS' case.

        Judge Robinson has frequently been reversed on appeal because of her ludicrous decisions. The law is that you cannot simply scream "shredding". You have to produce specific and ample evidence of what documents were lost and how that hurt your case. In other words, that you suffered actual and substantial damage, and especially enough of it to justify dismissal.

        Micron and its paid posters may have hoodwinked the biased Judge Robinson and certain analysts until now by the constant spinning, but they have nothing more. Spinning is not going to work on remand to this chastened Judge, either.

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