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  • jrkkek jrkkek Oct 2, 2011 10:39 PM Flag

    Jury will see the justice

    In awarding Rambus Zero.

    There is no hard evidence of any true manipulation by MU.

    The facts show that ddram was destined to fail by Rambus inability to provide a product and product support that worked as well as the competing memory.

    Even Intel says Rambus was the cause of DDRAM failure. But yet Rambus still sues every manufacture regardless if they even made ddram.

    RAmbus had no credible witnesses from any major manufacture that said ddram was going to be the next memory standard after 2000.

    IT just did not work like it was promised. Intel lost their butt with DDRAM and had enough.

    Rambus gets Zero.

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    • You should focus on medical patent trolls, then you'd have half a chance of assessing the probable outcome. One hit wonders who need to have a synchronous interface in order to convert an established essential public utility into their "property" to extract rents from had better know how to build a clock, whether you know that or not. As a drive-by retail sucker, you're just as likely to be disappointed and embittered by your "investment" experience as Ramscam99 is. I just enjoy laughing at arrogant idiots and you're a target rich environment.

      Like I said, mortgage your shingle to go all in on this scam, sucker. Then your "kids" might be able to afford to eat some real food. Or flush your "money" down the toilet, just as reasonable an option.

    • I don't know anything about data interface whatevers. Don't care to. Don't need to. If I want to know what time it is, I don't need to know how to build a clock.

      Maybe if you worried as much about making money as you do worrying about me and what I do with mine, you wouldn't be serving my kids burgers on the weekends.

    • I truly hope you don't make any sort of investment decisions based off yahoo message boards. This place became a joke long ago.

      You can find one or two Rambus supporters here that at least attempt to make a good argument in their favor. They cite legal ramblings and such, but at least it's an honest effort.

      You won't find a single person that actually worked with the garbage say it was the wave of the future. Not one.

    • Data interface technologies ... obviously not so much.

      Enjoy your short trip to the casino. Maybe you should mortgage your "practice" to go all in on the new and exciting weekly options. Maybe you'll be able to step up to a nice big Playmobil pirate ship. Very appropriate, I think.

    • Why am I amoral because I'm invested in a stock in the hopes it goes up and I could care less why? Why do you keep bringing up the appeals process? Any investor with half a brain who bought RMBS won't stick around for an appeals process. Don't be so naive - you're like arguing with a 9 year old.

    • You have proven yourself to be completely amoral, just like the management of RMBS.

      What you don't understand is that Courts rule based on the facts and the law. The ignorant jury that Rambutt lawyers hand picked are ignorant of the facts and the law. They will rule in favor of Rambutt because of EMOTIONS.

      Then the appellate court will toss out that jury award because it completely ignores the facts and the law.

    • Now how the F do you know what a jury will do? You're an idiot. Stop guessing and stop posting garbage. After the 87 posts saying the same thing over and over, just make sure you don't run away when you're wrong.

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      • Yeah!!!

      • gregory.lynn Oct 3, 2011 9:42 AM Flag

        How can you be sure that she is wrong? Were you an industry professional when RDRAM was introduced to the market and hyped to be soooooooooooo much better than SDRAM which it was supposed to replace, yet the latency and heat problems caused it to actually suck even worse? I worked for an OEM, I know how bad it sucked. How many industry pros testified that RDRAM was any good? That would be a big fat ZERO, yet there were engineers from Intel, Apple, and OEMs who testified about the suckiness.

        RDRAM was all HYPE, get it? No, you wouldn't because why would people who work in the industry know any more than some casual investor who knows nothign about technology? Freaking stupid garbage failed on it's own, ok.. get that through your thick skull.

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