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  • pmemd pmemd Oct 4, 2011 1:41 AM Flag

    Newbie here

    would you guys buy at these levels?
    What is upside if they win lawsuit this week?
    and downside if they lose?

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    • mikaeljoh Oct 4, 2011 10:29 AM Flag

      Best advice I can give you is to go to this message board for more reliable and intelligent info

    • Just some sensible advice. Find a different stock to buy. Find one that pays a divy like PFE. RMBS has too many monsters in its black bag.


    • If Rambus wins, the PPS goes to $25+, maybe as high as $50. If Rambus loses, price goes to $6. Rambus gets two shots. If it loses at the AT (I doubt it, but anything is possible), Rambus can still win regarding patent infringement. The only thing holding that decision up (Hynix v. Rambus) is spolition, which should be settled in Jan 2012. Judge Whyte has already ruled no bad faith and no prejudice to Hynix, so the unanimous pro-Rambus jury decision should stand. The Micron case in Delaware should go the same way, but may not due to a rogue judge. However appellate court has said that even if spoliation is determined, then both bad faith and prejudice needs to be proven. If those two gates are cleared, then the "least egregious" sanctions are to be imposed in order to not unjustly enrich the patent infringers.

      Translated, odds are better for Rambus. The AT decision should be out this week. If it comes in only at 1/2 of Rambus' claimed damages, then the award will be $2B, with trebing to $6B. The cartel will not be able to afford the bond necessary for appeal, which will force settlement and a very nice market position for Rambus.

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      • 99, what are you doping with!

        I have always told myself to be humble so I can see things in a complete view.

        The business world rule No. 1 is every situation of the conflict will be resolved with a practical and acceptable business solution no matter it is through the business negotiation or the judicial court system.

        This business solution in this case is a no solution and gets dragged for too long as now all parties know that it will get dragged for as long as it goes!

        99, you only see what is on the surface as you are right that it has those two major front as AT and Hynix 20905. The underneath issue is that there is no middle point for both parties to agree upon!

        As far as I can see actually that all the depositions in this AT will be used as a counter AT evidences filed by the Memory Manufactures either at Idaho or other places. The major suit from this AT filed by the Memory Makers will focus on RAMBUTTS' patent troll business monopoly illegal behavior with its business foe legal suit harassment strategy as its main business model!

        RAMBUTTS will go to $3 no matter how, 99, you pumped it!

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