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  • gregory.lynn Oct 12, 2011 12:59 PM Flag

    YouTube videos posted on this board aren't proof of anything

    Except for this one which is reading the ACTUAL words of Judges in the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals (CAFC) in the opinion which upheld Judge Robinson's ruling of criminal spoliation by Rambus.

    It seems that destroying evidence as part of your litigation strategy is frowned upon, especially when you lied about this repeatedly under oath.

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    • You're such a broken record. It's old news. Nobody cares.

      When you predicted "crash and burn" last week because mean 'ol Mrs. Robinson yelled at RMBS, the stock took a dip on a down day. That lasted about 8 seconds. The stock is back above where it was before your emotional overreaction.

      If you want to do all this research, digging up tidbits of dirty laundry that has nothing to do with the stock price, knock yourself out, but the ONLY thing that is going to move this stock is the verdict. Sleazy, dishonest companies make terrific stock picks all the time. I think RMBS wins, you think they lose. I think the stock goes up, you think it tanks. The difference is that I have a financial interest here, you have nothing. You aren't even buying MU. (You said, "I sold most of it and might add to my position AFTER the verdict") Which means 1) If MU wins, you'll have missed the boat and 2) It tells me you aren't even buying into your own BS that MU is "guaranteed" to win. All your looking for is a big "told ya so". I still can't imagine anyone is in here for any other reason than to make money. I mean, seriously, you're killing yourself with the hundreds of postings a week and the hours of research. For what? So you can try to change the opinions of a bunch of nameless/faceless people? Good luck with that.

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