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  • fingenius1000 fingenius1000 Nov 2, 2011 10:46 AM Flag

    Sorry but you are all IDIOTTS

    never will they win! Never

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    • Man, I feel like "Hating Someone, Really Bad Too"
      So Make My Day, "PUNK"

    • Rambus has not been convicted of any crime or wrong doing.

      Cleared completely by the FTC and the ITC. Your mafia rantings are ridiculous.

    • Good luck with your investment. I wish nothing but the best for everybody. Just know that investing in Rambus is just short of investing in the Mafia.

      Your lack of moral compass is one of the many things wrong with this world. To each his own.

    • Your lack of experience, market sense, and terminology is so evident. You keep making comments that I show finance guys and they're having an absolute blast making fun of you.

      I know you're not educated in investing so you don't have a clue that what you're saying is naive and stupid so I'll give you a pass. Stick to that shredding stuff (what's that big word you use again?) - seems like that's your passion. Not sure what you're getting out of it, but it sure is nice having you do all that research for us.

    • No, this is a finance board. It should be about investing, stock prices, creating personal wealth, stuff like that. I just get tired of all the moral compasses in here who preach good company versus bad company. A bad company can make a great stock pick and a good company could be a lousy one. I'm here to make money... period.

      Everyone knows I bought a ton of RMBS in mid-sept just based on what I predicted to be a run up to this verdict and a big pop afterwards. Since then, I'm up 38% and could give 2 sh+ts why. If they win and the stock doubles, you think I'm going to care whether or not RMBS is frivolous in their lawsuits or shreds evidence?

      84% of the analysts covering RMBS have it rated at outperform or higher. You think they aren't investing their clients' money in it because they're afraid their client will get upset because that million dollars came from a sleazy company? Seriously??

      You can either choose to make money (or at least come here to improve your chances) or come here to be a cheerleader and just stand on the sidelines. The cheerleading / soapbox / holier-than-thou bullsh+t might be appropriate for your wednesday night Bible study, but it should have no business in here.

    • Nevermind.
      Doctor would you feel better if only people long on Rambus posted here?

      There's a lot of people and companies out there that think what Rambus is doing is borderline criminal and should be held accountable for their actions.

    • Hello my posts must be too viral. Yahoo won't let them through.

    • Everyone knows everything you say is total BS. When MU is up, you post that you are making money. When it's down, you post that you already sold it.

      So according to you, you sold "the rest of your shares today" and therefore have no position in MU or RMBS. Since you subsequently have zero reason to be here now, how 'bout climbing back under your rock.

      Also, I know you're all giddy because MU is up today and feel the need to ask us "How RMBS is doing today again". Well, since you asked, let's compare: Since Sept 1st, RMBS is up 54.5% and MU is oops, I meant DOWN 1.7%. When you gloat because MU goes up on a single trading day, you really look like a moron.

    • We know you bought a carload of Micron at 10 bucks. Now it's 5. So just tell the truth, unlike Micron execs. The truth will save you.

      I bought my carload of Rambus at 10 also. Now it's 17. I do believe I'll be OK.

    • UP a bit!

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