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  • crashof98 crashof98 Jan 29, 1998 11:59 AM Flag

    Free Money From Polaroid

    Polaroid (PRD), posted heavy losses yesterday, will have a dismal 1998, due to their idiotic presence in Russia and China, et Asia.
    This stock ran up over 1 point this morning strictly due to technical moving average patterns, will close at $42 today, a strong resistance level. You can pick-up a quick 5/8ths profit if you strike now. THIS IS A LOCK. My price targets for this pig are: $38 and lower after next quarter's surprise SHOCKING earnings (or laqck thereof). Remember Kodak ! Yikes.

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    • If you are 10 years old you've got a nice mouth on you. You must have some wonderful parents!!!!!

      take your monopoly money and go home


    • Hey mister what the Hell are you talking about??You bastard I'm only 10. So shut the Hell up

    • Queen Lisa - Check AVEI message boards and chart. It moves very fast, but has earnings behind it (about $50 to $73 last week). Their stent is the best out there.

    • Options are a great tool. You are right however it is more blessed to sell than buy.I have an 80% hit rate on sells and only a 45% hit rate on the buy side.The reason we do it is leverage.

    • Could you please any information you have about options trading via the internet.


    • If you want to buy a good long term stock, buy AMD!!! They have great products and in the second half of this year they are going to take off. RAMBUS is excellent technology, but is so unpredictable. Save your money, forget options, and buy AMD stock. By early next year you will double your money. I know the technology and have been watching them for years.
      Options are for suckers, the only people who make money on them are the traders and sellers. They are so tempting that I keep buying them, but I know I should not. I wish I had more will...

    • When you flood the market with more shares, the price would go down not up. It is proven that insiders have (and are) selling their shares. Whay do you think that is ? I think you know.

    • When you release additional shares into the market, the price would go down, not up. If the insiders are quickly trying to sell these shares, as soon as it is legally possible to do so, it tells you that they want to bank as much cash as possible. It tells me that they are: A) greedy as hell, B) not much interested in the business, C) not taking much of a stake in the long term success of the company.

      It is known that insiders have been selling this stock, and doesn't surprise me that they continue. Notice the stock on the way down, this time $40 will get broken through -- the bastards better sell the locked up stocks quick.

    • while you guys debate these technical issues, I wonder if you aren't seeing these shares being sold in the 56 dollar
      range...only to be run up by bargain hunters who are then hit with the unlocked shares being diluted into the market. Seems there were
      about 21 million shares, if I remember correctly, back in oct 97 that were then released for sale by insiders. I guess you could
      make some money trying to get in low and sell in the mid fifties, but you could get stuck with shorts when the insiders decide to
      ride it up.

    • I didn't get the impression that the news on RMBS was in relation to INTC.
      I picked you up on UNP. You posted a list of shorts: Symb price your projection current price
      S 45 32 47 3/8

      UNP 58 3/16 30 60 7/8

      OREM 29 11/16 23 31 1/2

      BLL 30 1/2 26 32 5/16

      SUN 45 32 38 3/4 ( +9/16)

      Plus your pig GP is up 9/16. My question : since your list of stocks is moving up are you now shorting them and why?
      You also mentioned JPM at one time, its' flying like a kite.
      I charted RMBS is makind that wonderful w which indicates a upward move. At what price are you shorting it.

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      • The shorts I posted are not locks for day trades. I just reported their sizable shortfalls on earnings and their poor projections going forward. Given that, logic would follow that these plays would give a reduced risk/great return potential.
        I did not factor in daily price volitility, which would help in getting the immediate downward moves. I have invested short positions in the best from this list: GP (Georgia Pacific)(2K), and PRD (Polaroid)(5K). I plan to watch the prices carefully on: the exposed banking companies (JPM, Citicorp, and Chase), as well as, plan to enter short positions against: GM, CELL, MOT as the next quarter approaches.

        I'm also hoping that Rambust will get up to $46, an ideal entry point that has been a proven support level and should prove to be the new resistance level.

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