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  • JamesToro JamesToro Dec 31, 1998 3:29 PM Flag

    RMBS ALERT!! TAs are totally crashed. S

    signal just went on. Line just got negative. This
    stock has just been crashed and could see high mid to
    high 70s very

    Same thing with

    Here is the 100day MA chart showing

    No need for anyone to respond. Just posting obvious
    facts that probably everyone already knows.

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    • Actual, the stochastics chart gave the sell
      signal about four trading sessions ago. If you look
      closely, the line is about to turn in the up direction,
      thereby signally another buy.

      But remember, as
      Investor's Business Daily reminded us in their Monday (Dec
      28) edition: The saying on Wall Street is: There are
      no rich chartists.

      For those interested in
      the charts mentioned by the linked post (stochastics,
      MACD, money flow, et. al.), you can find them for free
      at (select Charts). I have been
      evaluating them over the holidays, when I was rotating my
      portfolio for 1999 (all computer consulting companies, and
      RMBS). (Ooooh, I hope I did not cause your browser to
      crash by using "1999").

      Happy New Year. Now
      it's time to party "like it's 1999".

      • 2 Replies to my02cents
      • SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- It seems
        like technology is changing faster than ever. Office
        storage rooms are filled with great technological
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        why the February 1999 PC World cover story, "Your PC
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        CPUs and Storage: By 2000, Intel's mainstream desktop
        CPUs will zoom along at a torrid 700 MHz. In addition,
        the coming three years will see numerous new
        processor families (more than two dozen new CPUs will
        appear in the next 18 months), a new memory standard --
        Direct Rambus DRAM -- and perhaps the end to the
        motherboard as we know it. The enhancements will allow new
        PCs to handle the emerging tasks of 3D graphics,
        full-motion MPEG-2 video, and applications like voice
        recognition. Bringing the keyboard, pen, camera, and speech
        together, these systems will add new dimensions to PC
        interfaces. At the lower end, rivalries between chipmakers
        will improve performance of sub-$1000 desktops and
        drive budget notebook prices down. In terms of storage,
        CD-Rewritable may turn out to be the common format for
        removable storage. By 2000, 50GB hard drives will be
        commonplace; by 2001, that number could double to 100GB.

        The Box: On the aesthetic side, PCs will look better
        and get smaller. The archaic ISA expansion bus will
        disappear, freeing up vendors to use smaller motherboards
        and experiment with space-saving PC designs. Some
        analysts predict that by 2002, many desktop PCs will be as
        small as a shoebox. More affordable LCD displays will
        also take pounds and girth out of monitors -- LCDs
        weigh one fifth as much as today's CRTs, take up one
        third of the space, and use half the electricity. "Thin
        is in" for notebooks, yet the need for
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        The Internet: For many users, the biggest
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        Handhelds: Over the next two years, cell
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        rule out Windows CE Pro "Jupiter" machines yet. At
        prices less than $1000, these machines plug a gap
        between tiny handhelds and full-features notebook
        computers that cost twice as much. However, the real
        breakthrough in handhelds may come in late 1999, when devices
        start using a wireless technology called Bluetooth,
        which will enable fast short-range communications
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        The article also includes a
        roadmap of CPU releases and a complete chart listing the
        buzz and potential drawbacks to the technological
        developments outlined above.

    • Did you see my message on this post no.6897
      saying that RMBS has
      seen all tax selling by all
      bubas like jamestoro and we are headed straght up to
      126-132 area in next 12 trading days.
      My message was
      posted when every shorties were ready to greet
      below 90. In short today I warned everybody that
      bargain buying will be over. This message is very
      powerful and
      don't underestimate it, you see me next
      weeks and dont talk
      about shit like TA and Schostic
      and so on....
      If you are short or sold in panic
      don't worry buy Monday at
      opening price well above
      todays closing price.
      Good Luck !!!!
      By the way
      Rosemerry we are on right tract and dont pay attention to
      shortsellers and naysayers

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