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  • stockspy1 stockspy1 Jan 7, 1999 7:30 PM Flag

    I say RMBS is Dull at $100.. RMBS goes

    RMBS is picking up steam today and will make a
    very delightful
    new high tomorrow and is very
    likely to close at very at new high

    Luck to all longs !!!

    By the way ho ho ho to my
    friend he he he .....

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    • I have to post like that just to get my messages.Yahoo is so messed up its the only or should I say the fastest way to retrieve them. SO,HEE HEE.Go Rambus!!!

    • By Daniel Bases NEW YORK, Jan 7 (Reuters) -
      Micron Technology Inc. MU.N
      shares surged on
      Thursday, spurred higher in heavy trading by
      analyst comments about the outlook for the
      memory chip industry.
      Micron shares were up $4.75 at
      $64.75 and were among the
      most actively traded issues
      on the New York Stock Exchange.
      "We made some
      positive comments in our conference call this
      that by the end of fourth quarter, start of
      quarter 1999 we see the beginning of recovery in
      semiconductor industry -- and it will be the first year of
      multiyear recovery," said Charlie Glavin Sr.,
      analyst at CS First Boston in San Francisco.
      stands to gain the most in the DRAM (Dynamic
      Access Memory chips) sector because they are a leader in
      and process," Glavin said.
      Traders said they see
      money moving into the sector, which
      has recently
      suffered from doubts about chip prices and
      reluctance to rely on memory-chip companies in
      model stock portfolios.
      "The improvement in memory
      chip pricing now looks more
      sustainable," said one
      technology trader at a major brokerage
      who requested
      anonymity. "The outlook improved."
      According to Glavin,
      supply and demand in the memory-chip
      industry are
      coming back into balance.
      "Bottom line, capital
      cutbacks at the end of 1997 through
      1999 will cut down
      on supply. We've troughed," he said.
      historically weak first quarter won't be weak, and we
      visibility improving for the industry looking forward."

      While the industry improves along with a healthy
      economy, he is not overly concerned that a downturn
      willdevastate the industry.
      "Supply will come down in
      either case, and if demand comes
      down too, then there
      will just be a delay in the equilibrium,"
      but it
      won't destroy it, he said.
      SoundView Financial
      Group, an equity research firm focused
      on technology
      stocks, said Thursday in a report obtained by
      that, according to a "very reliable source," a
      Asian producer of DRAMs had told distributors it was
      accepting additional orders for 64-megabyte chips,
      difficulties in meeting demand,
      SoundView confirmed the
      contents of the report.
      "The implications behind this
      suggest that this supplier is
      having difficulty in
      satisfying demand from large OEMs
      (original equipment
      manufacturers) and is therefore performing
      triage on its
      customer base, choosing to cut back on shipments
      distributors," the report said.
      "If current pricing levels
      for 64-megabyte DRAMs, in the
      low $9 range, remain
      stable," Micron could do better than break
      even for the
      February quarter, the report said.

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