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  • billmoney99 billmoney99 Jun 24, 1999 8:02 AM Flag


    Even bigger news!! RMBS monopoly for the next 100
    years!! GO RMBS!!!

    This from the Intel web

    "NDRAM. Intel and Rambus are expected to come up with a
    faster version of Rambus to be named NDRAM (Next
    generation DRAM), >that will support data transfer speeds
    at up to 1,600MHz."

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    • the float is small compared to coms intc
      csco..with only 23 million shares that is on good
      news or bad news RMBS is capable of having swings of
      +/- 10 points either way. Was it worth the potential
      risk..hind site ..yes..bought in at 88 out at 102 3/4. It's
      no different than buying a yhoo for a trade..My
      guide is if T yield is over 6 I am the time of
      entering RMBS the T yield was under 6 ..5.94 to be
      exact..thats what prompte me for a trade..after intc announce
      the delay..I sold right before COMS earnings. I did
      not reenter after the stock pulled back under 100
      because of AMD k7 chip will not use RMBS at all..even
      with DELL using RMBS news, I stayed out. I did not
      like the action on AMD MU and INTC..however I did like
      what I saw in ALTR and XLNX..bottom line is people
      will trade out of stock prior to the FOMC meetin and I
      for one like to buy RMBS in the mid 70s if
      possible..If it should shoot up to over where I got be
      it...I am out. Take care and good luck, oldtimer

    • When I looked a the chart for Friday, what I saw
      was high volume coming in to buy at the bottom for
      the day, then tapering off as it went back up. Come
      to think of it, I was part of that volume. I love
      this stock. Remember, this stock does this for no good
      reason from time to time. The last big drop lasted a
      couple of days because some idiot only read 1/2 a press

      I love these overpriced stocks - AOL, AMZN, IBM,
      QCOM, CSCO, the list goes on. I keep making money on
      things idiots thought were overpriced - fortunately,
      having the guts to buy at those times is the way to make
      money. I can't remember a time I thought MSFT was
      underpriced or even fairly priced - RMBS is one of those for
      the next few years.

      Someone will undoubtedly
      come up with a new, faster standard some day - it may
      be RMBS, since its ahead of everyone else. But it
      would take years for it to be adopted as a new
      standard, just as it took RAMBUS. By then, the current RMBS
      patents will represent the cheap alternative, and the
      company will keep cashing the checks.

    • most of what you are saying. The float is no more
      and no less than it is. When you say it is small can
      you say compared to what, and can you detail that
      with numbers or percentages, or is you
      opinion/viewpoint. Whatever it is, please say. You sound too
      definite on such an opinionated matter and your
      explanation is oversimplified. I, for one, believe there is a
      simple explanation for almost everything, but to
      attribute a price rise solely to short covering is absurd.
      There is a list of reasons why people buy and a list
      for why they sell, and each list ends with "other",
      meaning that there can always be new and/or reasons
      unknown to the person making the list.
      I dare say that
      there are fewer common reasons to buy than there are to
      sell in any short period of time. Also, I personally
      can't see much of an influence of interest rates on
      Rambus (as compared to a major oil stock I have owned
      since 1989, and pays a steady dividend).
      for whatever reasons you sold at 103, at this moment
      your timing looks good, and if you accomplished the
      purpose for what the investment/speculation was intended,
      then you should have sold anyway. To me, the more
      important question is: Was Rambus the correct risk for you
      and have the potential you wanted when you bought it?
      I am only trying to help you broaden your
      perspective on this stock.

    • I have a vision of this blowhard. 330 lbs. of
      quivering, pasty flesh, 5'3", bald except for a greasy band
      of fringe over the ears, Karl Malden's nose with
      dark red veins and hair growing out and on top of, and
      a face only his mother [whom he adores and lives
      with] could love. He obviously has no social life or
      friends, and erroneously things he has something
      intelligent to say - a common problem for people whose
      medication needs adjusting. But I'm too kind.

      Now, if
      there were just a way to shut him up short of gunfire
      so the rest of us could have a dialogue.

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    • It has a small float, so when it goes up shorts
      covering causes the stock to ramp up..on the down side the
      longs starts to sell due to margin calls..since it has
      a small float it's volatile on both sides..with T
      yield now at 6.15 going to 6.2..I would stay clear of
      RMBS,for that matter all internet stocks, until the smoke
      settles. INTC,AMD,MU all reporting poor earnings from chip
      delays to price wars to summer slow down will not help
      the stock price for RMBS...I sold RMBS at 103..traded
      it couple of times,and glad that I got out. It is
      very crucial for RMBS to hold above 85..if not it will
      test the 72 area as the next support..if it should
      break support at 72..all the longs should start to sell
      and get whatever you can. For the longs sake, I hope
      it never gets to 72.Also look at the DOW, it has not
      really corrected that much..I see the DOW going to 9500
      at some point in time...For now, the shorts are
      going to win this battle.

    • "Rambus is going to be $10/share by the end of
      the week"
      "No it's not! It's going to be
      "Is not!" "Is too!" "Is not!"
      "Your a moron!" "I
      know you are, but what am I?"

      I love this
      immature competition. It proves my theory that people from
      the South (that is South of Alaska) are a bunch of
      dumb SoBs. I love both sides saying they "know from a
      good source" what is going on. It is all bullshit.
      Once this board was the Phil Donahue of Message
      boards, now it is the Jerry Springer Show with Morton
      Downey Jr thrown in for good measure. Dysfunctional
      posters show there ignorance and idiocy for all to view
      (like me!). Now that's entertainment!

      Where else
      can I say "Dan Loeb is a jack-ass who doesn't know
      shit, but I like his posts because they make me feel
      like a frigging genius?" Here! That's where! No one
      else knows what a complete moron he is, except the
      people who read his well thought out arguments as posted

      Where else can I say "Billmoney, you aren't helping the
      cause of the longs with your childish prattle" --only
      here. What a democracy!

      Where is this new,
      untainted board where we can jump in and blather nonsense
      and hurl insults at each other? We need a change of
      venue. How do you plan on letting the mah-toor (not
      ma-choor, that is the way the unedimicated say it) posters
      know where this golden land is? Be warned though, as
      Groucho Marx said best: "I would not want to be a member
      of any club that would accept someone like me as a

    • What makes you think we want YOU back? You say
      how crappy the stock is when you are shorting it, say
      how great the future is after you lose money shorting
      and decide to go long, now you are back to shorting
      it and saying how its overvalued. All in a single

      You're one piece of work. Not only that,
      but your decisions so far seem to me as the opposite
      of what this stock will do. Go back long. I stayed
      short the whole time and am getting close to making
      money. Now that you are shorting once again, we will
      probably see this stock pop up $20 or more next week.
      You're always out of step or 3 steps behind the market
      and YOU'RE JINXING US SHORTS, MAN!!! What a
      contrarian indicator you are, by pure luck.

      Whatever Satsangi_100 does, just do the opposite to make
      money. It seems to have worked so far.
      ==> Longs:
      I don't want him, you can have him, he's too slow
      for me.

    • thanks

    • There is a better board, but if I told you I'd have to kill all the people on this board I don't want to hear from.

      I don't have time - I need to plan how to spend my profits.


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