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  • doug1936 doug1936 Jul 13, 1999 11:09 PM Flag

    Your done spamming.............

    Conference call. Real Player needed. Between 9min50sec and 11min you will hear it stated . Their actual statement was "shipping next month"

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    • Coppermine using the .25 micron process is
      shipping next month on a PC100 BX motherboard. The 820
      chipset is still on schedule for a September release.
      Rambus Christmas as Unclewest likes to call

      Using the MTH bridge, the 820 Camino chipset will
      support PC133 according to the conference call. However,
      the ONLY reason to use PC133 instead of Rdram is
      availability and NOT performance or anything else. Intel was
      still concerned there won't be enough production in
      place by the 3rd quarter. That will change

      In November, the PIII 600 using the .18 micron
      process will ship. This chip will only be supported on
      the 820 and 840 chipsets. Speaking of which, the 840
      Carmel chipset will be the only chipset in September to
      have PC800 Rdram until sufficient quanities are
      manufactured for both. The 820 will start out using PC600 and
      PC700 Rdram.

      Good trading.


      • 1 Reply to Techbuyer

        Apacer to support PC-133

        Memory company Apacer, a
        subsidiary of Acer, will announce today it is to support the
        PC-133 memory standard.

        At Computex last June,
        Apacer Direct Rambus modules were featured on the Intel
        stand, but a representative from the company told us
        that there were technical difficulties with the memory

        Apacer will team up with Philips
        Seminconductors to produce the memory.

        In a statement,
        the company said: "Apacer is continually evolving
        their memory technology to keep in touch with the
        latest industry trends and future memory roadmaps."

        Austin Chen, president of Apacer, said:"Customers today
        demand high-speed memory modules. We are developing all
        of these alternative technologies to insure are
        customers have total solutions available to them." �


        Now look at their tiny product listing. What a joke!
        Just like techowner99.


        No where in that "article"(if it qualifies as such)
        does it say Acer is dumping Rdram. It says the had
        some technical difficulties. Acer Semi is still a
        Rambus partner and is continuing to develop


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