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  • looongestdick looongestdick Jun 28, 2010 2:04 PM Flag

    Voting No alone is not Enough.......

    Voting No to R/S alone will not be enough…….Every Concerned Share Holders should also demand the MGMNT must release the VOTE result on July 8th. Just like that product of Maddof’s love child(CMOS’s Israeli Crook) the current MNGMNT is fully capable of committing Vote fraud!

    Fire Tacelli, CROOK BOD’s & Vote No to R/S !

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    • I voted no with my 45k shares, I would hope that all concerned would vote, no vote constitutes a yes for your shares. Even though I voted no, I'm sure they'll get what they want and we'll have a R/S!

      So it goes...........

    • High Lights of last 2 years of this Management;

      1)The Quarterly Revenue plummeted to set a new record low only 25 Millions

      2)Stock Value went down to set a new record low, 9 cents

      3)In last 6 months twice Asked Share Holders for Reverse Stock split

      4)Already have diluted LTXC stocks by Issuing some 35 Million worth of new stocks with In the 6 months

      5)Now again planning to issue a new round of 100 million LTXC stocks right after the 1 for 3 Reverse Split

      Wow…….What a record……??????? The Future of LTXC under this management Doesn’t look good at all!!!!!!!

      Fire both TACELLI & GALLENBERGER and Vote No to R/S!

    • Post Split 100 Million New Shares are guaranteed to be issued!!

      Serious question.....Post Split why do they want a total of 100 million additional authorized shares available in their possession, if the management has no intentions to issue them? Read the filings carefully... they want 100 million additional already authorized shares available so that can be issued to their Wall Street Thug friends without further approval from LTXC Share Holders!!!! Obviously they are lying to LTXC Share Holders to raise money for another round of bankrupt ATE merger. Instead of adding more value for LTXC Share Holders these morons are decimating share holders all together to please their Wall Street Masters in order to receive huge rewards!!!

      No amount of bashing can bring down a stock price if the company is doing well! Similarly no amount of pumping can take any stock price higher if the company is not doing well! Also the true and only bashing of any company comes from its own management team if they try to run the business with deception and always lie to its Share Holders! Which the LTXC management has mastered in order to fill their own pockets! Both TACELLI & GALLENBERGER are running LTXC with deception and Lying to its Share Holders! They both work for only their Wall Street Crook Masters and not LTXC Share Holders. The current R/S is a well planned scam only to Con LTXC Share holders and please their Wall Street Crook Masters from whom they will receive huge rewards in return.

      Fire Tacelli, CROOK BOD’s & Vote No to R/S!!!

    • I totally agree with you! This management is fully capable of committing Vote fraud, as a matter fact they are already indulged into it right now! I would definitely like to see a public release of voting result soon after July 8th Vote!

      I have already Voted no to reverse split!