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  • mcubas76 mcubas76 Sep 1, 2010 10:16 AM Flag

    PPS Rediculous

    Hi Vlad, when do you estimate that the shorts will cover?

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    • That's anybody's guess, but there's also the "sell on the news" syndrome to deal with....and the hedgers and larger shorts are more aware of market moves than we little guys.

      Until the reverse split decision is announced, one way or the other, the speculation allows the shorts a safe home here.....I'd guess sometime during this Q, and maybe soon....but that's simply a guess, probably coupled with wishful thinking.

      I'm going to be replacing the shares I had to sell in a margin call, so the lower price suits my situation, but I'd still like to see us moving in the right direction.

      I've got kids and relatives I've recommended LTXC to, and I'm getting afarid to answer the phone.

      Good luck


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      • isnt it foolish to buy a stock before a reverse split? im new at trading stocks but i always heard alot of people say that stocks always go down after an rs. it happen to me when i owned ftwr. after they did an rs the stock tanked 25% instantly after that, even though the fundamentals were good.

        im thinking about buying ltxc for the first time ever today but i wanted to know what you guys thought about these things before i buy. thanks