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  • the_old_man_knows the_old_man_knows Jun 6, 2007 7:41 PM Flag

    Corporate National Bullsh*t Channel (CNBC)

    The Analyst on the Corporate National Bullsh*t Channel (CNBC) would come out and want you to BUY! I have lost faith in them completely! They cater to the corporate world and nobody else. It's all about the advertising $$$'s.

    They give you the bullish scenario and commercials up the Wahzoo!

    Just remember, Abbey Joseph Cohen has always indicated the temporary top. GS drags her butt out when they are selling out to all you lemmings. I said it a week ago, the TOP is in. "GS is selling as you are buying!"

    Just got some info on Spain. They are in Trouble. They may cause a meltdown in economic markets. They have been selling Gold, Treasuries, etc. They have 12 days of reserves left. After that, they will be bankrupt. So Much for the Euro!

    As for Cramer, Remember, he was a Former GS employee, A PIMP for their agenda. I wonder what he would say about his wonderful call on OCCX. He said buy buy buy as it went from $9 to $13 and then, The Insiders bailed at $13 and Lo & Behold, the stock cratered to $3. All he did on that call was wear a post-it on his forehead. Ha! Nice call CRAMER. Speculation: Some hedge fund wants to bail on a stock, they call up CRAMER and he recos the stock and the hedge fund is selling to all the lemmings. WHat a racket! To make money on his calls, Short it or buy Putts the next day as it rises and then cover when the stock craters to where it was before the RECO! Works everytime!

    Finally, Hank Paulson, the head of the US Treasury may have to watch his butt as Congress investigates whether he is using the Plunge Protection Team too Juice the Markets Higher.

    His Tracks are all over the Markets.

    Plunge Protection Team? Google it with Hank Paulson!

    They want the market to go higher, they buy DIA, S&P500, NASDAQ Futures using Taxpayers Money (Think US Treasury) and the wads they have too their disposal. Just this action alone will cause all the market players to buy stocks. And you wonder why GS, BSC, LEH, MER, MS, always blow away the numbers. They are front running, buying before Paulson's PPT buys. HA! What a racket!

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    • Pathetic, you are just pathetic.

      Say, how do you get paid to bash? I mean, who hires you and where do you apply. If this is the best you can do, I should be able to make a fortune.Please send them my way.

      In the meantime, if your employer doesn't cover the GS short, they will be gone before your check clears.

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