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  • maximusmeridus maximusmeridus Sep 27, 2007 8:14 AM Flag

    Bush maximum failure


    International Politics:
    Bush declared wars against rouge states and terrorist organizations such as Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Al-Qaeda, Hizbullah, and Hamas, so let's examin his record on that:
    Iraq is a mess and need not say anymore.
    Afghanistan, did not find Bin Laden, another failure
    North Korea, they succeeded in exploding their first atomic bomb, another failure.
    HizBullah defeats Israel in a short one month war, another failure.
    Hamas defeats the PLO and wins Ghaza, another failure
    and Iran increases their influence in the region.

    Economic policies: First term house prices rise where only few Americans can afford to buy houses, and in the second terms house prices decline rapidly where house owners are losing their homes or forced to pay high mortgage payments for the rest of their lives. Oil prices are high, food and commodities are high, college education and medical care is skyrocketing, inflation all over the U.S and the FED guided by Goldman Sachs and other financials scums exclude housing, energy, college education, and healthcare cost from their manipulated inflation numbers. Yes, 42" Plazma TV price is down, not taken into account that the TV was way overpriced when it was first introduce that the reduction is meaningless. Our currency is tanking and Europeans and others are buying out our companies at the cheap.

    With respect to moral issues, he murdered over 2 millions Iraqis for no reason and most of his parties are bunch of faggots, or excuse me, pussy challenged to be more politically correct.

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    • You will be surprised to know that I voted republicans more often than democrats. I liked the Regan republicans which unfortunately are extinct by now. People like James Baker and company are viewed in high regards by myself and many Americans. The only republican I will consider voting for is Chuck Hagel and he is not running. Neocon Republicans like Juliani (not sure how he spells his name and I don't care), or Duncan (Fuckin) Hunter who want to drop a nuclear weapon in an preemptive strike against Iran, not only scares me but concern me a great deal. In an era where nuclear secrets are widespread and many non-nuclear countries have the technology to manufacture nuclear weapons, what would dropping a nuclear bomb on Iran do to our security? Do you think such actions will not be avenged? Do I want to live everyday fearing a nuclear attack on our soil because wise leaders such as Adolph (Rudolph) JulinHitler decided to attack nukes as a preemptive strike. Remember, when the US attacked Japan with A-Bomb only the U.S had the atomic technology, no one was close. Even U.S scientists were scared to death of such power they leaked the blue print to Russia in order to create a balance of power. What would you think non-U.S scientists would do if we start using nuclear power against non-nuclear countries? They will leak the secrets, and the world would be another place. We don't need McCain, we don't need Juiliani, we need rationality.

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