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  • power_investors power_investors Aug 3, 2008 5:06 PM Flag

    short, sell anything US related

    even at best if they print zillion of dollar to try to support their DOG, the US peso will crash to -50 on the index!!!

    meaning you`ll have to be paid to keep them in your wallet!

    They are worthless....O worth...BANKRUPT

    MAN, people are slow to realize this!!!!

    Americans will soon fall into prehistoric times.

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    • keep voting for democrats, and you'll be correct.

      They don't want us to have any oil, and in prehistoric times, there was no applied uses for oil.

      When the economy is based on oil, and it's suddenly not allowed to be removed from the ground because of politicians' cluelessness, bad things will happen, especially when the lifeblood of the economy is drained before there is an alternative in the pipeline.

      Democrats want to bleed the patient first, and try to revive it later.
      By then, the only thing the patient will need is some formaldahyde.

      • 2 Replies to chooparoopa1
      • LoL, Chooparoopa, your the perfect gullible little fish the republicans have no difficulty brain washing.

        You remind me of the dumb stormtroopers in Star Wars that are have weak minds and are easily brain fuked with/

        These republican b_astards are the reason your getting it up the arse but your too stupid to realize that. These easily corrupted scum of the earth are the ones your cheerleading for. That said, I dont think most democrats are any different, lol.

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