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  • forget_it_hoes forget_it_hoes Aug 4, 2008 8:00 AM Flag

    short, sell anything US related

    LoL, Chooparoopa, your the perfect gullible little fish the republicans have no difficulty brain washing.

    You remind me of the dumb stormtroopers in Star Wars that are have weak minds and are easily brain fuked with/

    These republican b_astards are the reason your getting it up the arse but your too stupid to realize that. These easily corrupted scum of the earth are the ones your cheerleading for. That said, I dont think most democrats are any different, lol.

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    • Ahahaha I love what the dems did to them though, did anyone see those republican congressmen shouting and protesting that the dems were leaving without passing a drill bill, damn republicans are the biggest sore losers whiners on earth. Fkin beggars.

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