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  • jaguarsxxxv jaguarsxxxv Mar 4, 2009 7:35 AM Flag

    Ill invest back into the market only when the following happens:

    What made me laugh today at Geithner's hearing, was hearing that Americans are obliged to invest in 401k's lol, and that a portion of that goes into the markets AHAHAHA, what a ponzi scheme that is, thats BULL crap baloney!!!

    That doesnt make sense at all. No wonder you get mega bubbles, on top of that, you had ETF's sprining up left and right, probably with pensioner's money, heck they grew so fast as to contend with the mutual fund industry, when those sell look out below.

    These bastard bankers keep inventing financial products like its las vegas creating new slot machines and games to steal your money, the stock market needs a healthy long ass correction with no pension fund assistance, pe/s to drop at 5, and a 5 year correction or until bozos like cramer and kudlows go away and the public barfs whenever they hear the word stock, that's when ill invest, thats how it used to be. Party;s over. For now.

    The beginning will start again when analysts and ETF pushers are cleaning toilets for a living.

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