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  • spiceykit spiceykit Mar 28, 2009 4:08 PM Flag

    americans are now beggars

    begging for money from foreigners so that they can use the money to paid all the civil servants, military personal, and those on welfare, bankers, autoworker, etc.

    they are taking insults on a weekly basis by the chinese government and not talking back like a sissy. where's america's dignity?

    i think the american government should just tell their rich allies to pay up for protection money. much like the triads collect protection money from store owners in chinatown. the likes of japan, south korea, eastern and western europe and of course the saudi's. i guess 500 billion each from japan and saudi annually is fair, s. korea 100 billion, etc.

    no more begging, just force these free-loaders to pay up. if they want to opt out.. go ahead. i don't think the japanese and s. korea want to become a chinese colony any time soon.

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