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  • jaguarsxxxv jaguarsxxxv Jul 14, 2009 1:12 PM Flag

    Obviously your going to have blowout earnings when you rip off every trader

    Obviously your going to have blowout earnings when you invent and use programs designed to rip off every trader. Bastards should be all locked up.

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    • Excellent point. I would add that it's obvious that they will have a blowout quarter when they are the ones that have been manipulating the markets since the last Great Depression. The recent news was that they were going after this guy who quit their firm and may have possibly took software with him that could manipulate In other words, GS is admitting they manipulate markets themselves. Everyone of them should be rotting in a prison cell for 150 years right next to Maddoff.

    • Good point. Heres an even more important one. If GS has the clout to get all that tarp money, you dont think they have the clout to have their books "re-arranged" and glossed over by the SEC. Or...they can cloud their books with so many derivitive "profits" that noone can really understand them. Ala Enron. And think of this..they are one of the few trading co's in the world with the whetrewithall to prop up their own stock, both thru getting their suck-- excuse me, clients to keep buying, both retail and institutional, and also the sales force(known as stockbrokers) never have a sell recommendation on their own stock! I also wouldnt be surprised if GS has an unspoken agreement with the people they do business with that if they ever sell anty big blocks of GS stock, they will never get underwritten again. I dont know . Im just guessing here. But here is a great real life analogy on another scale.

      Think back to the 60's when Mafia associates where selling stuff that fell off of a truck out of the trunk of their car. They would chide you to come over and take a look, offer you some perfumes for your wife or a TV at "half price" and then after you buy exactly what "they" want...they would put their arm around your neck in a sort of friendly way, and ask you to buy a few cartons of cigarettes "as a favor" to them. And if you told them you didnt smoke, they would tell you that somebody in your family does. "Just take 2 cartons off of my hands and give it to your brother-inlaw" they would insist. And knowing who they are connected with,knowing they see you around the neighborhood all the time, you felt bullied into buying exactly what you didnt want. They made you "an offer you cant refuse."

      This is a crude analogy, but maybe the big brokerages di this in a very subtle less threatening way with clients. So this way only "they" can get out of their own stock for the most part! Im just guessing. Maybe I watched too many re-runs of the Godfather and Good Fellas. What do I know. I am just a day trader.

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