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  • jfair50 jfair50 Mar 3, 2010 6:38 PM Flag

    Was Paulson a Jew? Get over your anti-semitism

    Hate Goldman for the right reason!
    Stop being fooled by red herring racism. Greed, class war, monopoly and political corruption are the real problems.

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    • Yes thank you.

    • Nice politically correct thing to say.
      You're just wonderful.

      People can bash Jews unfairly, or they can bash them with deserved criticism. A lot of what is being served up is legitimate harsh criticism, like it or not.

      Our relationship with Israel does have a big effect on our foreign policy, in ways that don't seem to serve Americans very well. Jews from the Middle Ages did develop the roots of the banking system and do run it.

      Read Paul Johnson's "A History of the Jews" for a detailed understanding of where these people have been over thousands of years of history.

      People are angry because these banks used wild undisciplined leverage in very poor investments, which they knew they were doing, and then were unwilling to take responsibility for their actions. This is a righteous anger for which they deserve to suffer, and have not.

      The second area where people should be more angry than they are is Usury, the laws of which were changed by Paul Volker in about 1980 to fight inflation. Since then credit card interest has been allowed to run to 20 or 30 percent. This must stop, or this country will never have the ability right itself. Its a big deal. Its immoral to the depths of sin itself. It has big Jewish backing. Its simply, totally, inexcusably wrong.

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