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  • edward_3141 edward_3141 May 10, 2010 1:50 PM Flag

    Medias and analysts manipulation of the market

    When Eu did not issue the package, the US medias and analysts claimed that Greece and all the pig countries will default, now, EU issued the resecue package with more than $750B to stabilize the finance of the Euro one, the US medias and analysts now calimed that this package will not resolve the root problems, that the debt is not paid off, My bet is once Greece and the Pigs paid off their debts and their deficit is within the limit, these US medias and analysts will calim that it is still not enough and these countries will be in deficit again. Well, all in all, they the hidden agendas of these US medias and analysts is to destroy euros and distabilize the European economy, no matter what you do will always not enough, because the hidden agendas are to 1) Destroy Euros, 2) Distabilize the European economy 3) Further push down the equity market to help their short firends in wall street and eventually distabilize the economy of the world and finally kill the recovery and Obama lost the re election in 2012

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    • TO: Edward_3141:
      Thank you for your accurate analysis & sharp insight. It is very seldom to find such good posting. Please send your insight to SEC & Congress, who would appreciate it I think.
      Thanks again and please post more such good articles.
      God bless America !

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