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  • dgm041153 Aug 24, 2011 5:44 PM Flag

    This Whole Mess Was Caused By Business's Listening To The Market's/Upper Education

    It's amazeing to me though that everybody bought into it thinking, they would all be fine, well they were wrong. What we have now around the world is a race to the bottom, nobody want's to be proven wrong on their Thesis's. You see, sometimes people think their really that smart and, get other smart people believeing their strategies. Well here we all are know in this Global Market where, nobody know's exactly what to do to get everything moving again. What's been created is a world that eat's at each other financially, 1 hell of a mess. 1 question though when everybody is broke except some little spoiled nut's, who do you think is going to protect those nut's ????? Your body guard's against the masses, you better pay them very well when the masses react. 1,000 guard's against million's that want you's, no place to hide, at least long enough for them to wait you out. This could become the reality around the world that, none of the brainiac's could have predicted. You see, even the educated people just like you are getting hurt now !!!!! Every country is like that now, think of history and study what slaves did to their owner's, not pretty. I hope you people can start giving these slaves some hope soon or, it's just going to get worse in every part of the world. I hope I'm wrong but, what if I'm right ????? God Bless.

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